2 seniors looking for a “gunman” to do the finishing work? The school responded: Suspension of defense

Two senior girls looked for a “gunman” on the online platform to do a graduation design thesis, and after the “task” was completed, they used the platform vulnerability to find the “gunman” to ask for money (asking for a refund). The “gunman” was furious and exposed the chat records and student-related information during the transaction process.

This ironic scene happened to two “prospective graduates” of the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University.

After the above incidents were exposed, some enthusiastic netizens reported the relevant information directly to the relevant departments of Xidian and the bishi instructors of the two senior girls. On May 23, the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University released a “Fact Sheet” on its official website, confirming that the college did receive corresponding reports and saying that it “attaches great importance to it and sets up a working group to carry out investigation and verification at the first time”. At present, the two students’ completion defense work has been suspended by the school.

Seniors find a “gunner” to do the finishing work, and change their faces after completion

According to baidu Tieba user “Tieba User _0CUttP5” released on May 22 on Tieba content, the course of events is roughly as follows:

The two senior girls of Xidian looked for the owner of the post to do a “project” through the “idle fish” platform, that is, to find a “gunman”. After contacting the owner, the real needs were told to be the content of the two students’ graduation design papers. After trying their best to meet their “various additional needs with the teacher’s requirements”, the two girls used the excuse of “failing to meet a certain need” and “not returning the information in seconds”, and at the same time, relying on the idle fish platform “does not support the loophole of code commodity trading”, threatened to report the poster, and repeatedly asked him for money.

Unable to bear it, the “gunman” posted the chat records and other information of the two girls and their negotiations on Baidu Tieba with the title of “Spit on the Rogue Encountered Recently”.

The chat records exposed by the “Tieba user _0CUttP5” show that he has successively charged 3200 yuan for “Qingqing Fork Waist” and 1050 yuan for “Xiao Lu Don’t Eat”, and did part of the content of the latter two graduation design papers, including relevant codes and explanations. However, after completing the new requirements after the negotiation for many times, the two “customers” threatened to report on the grounds of “not meeting the requirements” and “bad attitude”, and the “gunman” had no choice but to return 1200 yuan to “Qingqing Fork Waist” and 500 yuan to “Xiao Lu Don’t Eat”.

As soon as the post was exposed on Baidu Tieba, it triggered a hot discussion and received thousands of likes overnight. In the netizen’s “building building” reply, a netizen with the online name “www1997940” posted the identities of two senior students on the 56th and 107th floors, respectively: “Qingqing forked waist” and “Little Lu Bei eat”, respectively, Lei Mouqing and Lu Mouchen, 2018 software engineering students of the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University.

Both students involved are prospective graduates, and one of them has been certified as a graduate

After the incident was exposed on the Internet, the Party and Government Office of Xidian University responded after receiving a call from the media on the morning of the 23rd that “the school has paid attention to and is dealing with this matter”, and at noon on the 23rd, the School of Computer Science and Technology of Xidian University issued the above “Fact Sheet”.

“China Science News” further inquired and learned that among the two female students involved, Lu Mouchen was suspected of having obtained the 2022 admission quota of the College of Computer Science and Technology in October 2021.

The screenshot is from the 2022 Admission List of The College of Computer Science and Technology

On October 18, 2021, the School of Computer Science and Technology announced the admission list of the 2022 students of the College. The list shows that Lu Mouchen of the institute has obtained a full-time admission quota for the college’s master’s degree, and the admission direction is computer technology and software engineering.

Some netizens found the college’s “Undergraduate College 2022 Recommended Interview for Master’s Degree Graduate Students Summary Table”, questioning Lu Mouchen’s comprehensive score ranking of 155, theoretically will not get a push and exemption quota. But then received explanations from other netizens: in the “Remarks” column of the student, there were additional conditions such as “the third prize of the ‘Spark Cup’ Competition Academy”, which added points to his baoyan and was ridiculed as “administrative baoyan”.

According to the requirements of the “Implementation Plan for the Acceptance of Graduate Students Recommended for Exemption from examinations in 2022 by the College of Computer Science and Technology” issued by the College, students who have academic misconduct such as fraud, plagiarism of papers (articles), false reporting of awards or scientific research achievements in the process of dismissal will be disqualified from admission once verified.

Screenshot from the “School of Computer Science and Technology 2022 Recommended Exemption from the Graduate School Acceptance Work Implementation Plan”

On the afternoon of May 23, the reporter called xidian University of Electronic Science and Technology, the school’s School of Computer Science and Technology, as well as the two students’ tutors and the college’s 2018 student counselors, but did not receive a reply.
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