4 Beijing universities clarified: “One school, two districts, coordinated development”

In response to the recent news that “the first batch of four Beijing universities evacuated to Xiong’an New Area will all be relocated in 2035”, on April 2, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing Jiaotong University, and University of Science and Technology Beijing respectively posted articles on their official WeChat accounts, saying that Beijing and Xiong’an campuses “one school, two districts, coordinated development”.

In addition, Beijing Forestry University issued a call for proposals for the master plan of Xiong’an Campus in May 2022, clarifying the new pattern of one university and two districts.

On March 27, the first batch of four relief universities collaborative innovation symposium was held in Xiong’an New Area. It has been reported that the four “double first-class” universities in Beijing, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing Jiaotong University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Beijing Forestry University, will be evacuated to Xiong’an New Area, and are expected to enroll students in the fall of 2025 and complete their relocation in 2035.


China University of Geosciences (Beijing) said that it will make overall plans to promote the integration of university disciplines, big science plans, big science devices, big science and technology projects, big resource platforms, natural culture and large campuses, based on the characteristic function positioning of Beijing and Xiong’an campuses, in order to accelerate the realization of the strategic goal of building a world-class university in the field of earth sciences, and promote the high-quality connotation development of the university with high standards, high starting points and high stations.


Beijing Jiaotong University said that the university recently held a special meeting to report the latest developments in the construction of Xiong’an Campus, and study the overall planning and collaborative construction of Haidian Xiong’an One School and Two Districts.

The meeting emphasized that as a new campus, Xiong’an Campus is a long-term layout for the school to implement the strategic deployment of the Central Committee and the Ministry of Education on the construction of Xiong’an New Area and ease non-capital functions, solve the lack of school space, and focus on the development of the next century. As the foundation for the continuous development of Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Haidian Campus will further maintain its advantages, highlight its characteristics, adjust its structure, and continue to be better and stronger. Xiong’an Campus and Haidian Campus should complement each other’s advantages and develop in synergy, and together become an important base for talent training, scientific research, serving major national strategies, and serving the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, and jointly provide strong support for Beijing Jiaotong University to build a world-class university with distinctive characteristics.


On March 31, University of Science and Technology Beijing held a symposium on “Discussion on Discipline Construction – Xiong’an Campus Construction Planning”.

The meeting focused on the overall plan of “one university, two districts”, and clarified that Beijing University of Science and Technology takes the construction of Xiong’an Campus as a major opportunity, focuses on the functional positioning of the “four centers” of the capital and the requirements for high-quality construction of Xiong’an New Area, and promotes the “coordinated development” of Beijing Campus and Xiong’an Campus, so as to achieve integration and complementarity and make efforts in the same direction. The university will adhere to the equal emphasis on ease and development, promote the coordinated layout and coordinated development of Beijing campus and Xiong’an campus, actively build a new pattern of career development of “one body, two wings and mutual support”, and unswervingly move towards the goal of building a world-class university.
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