84-year-old professor Lu Guangxiu teaches undergraduates: familiar with the podium

“I haven’t taught undergraduates in 40 years, but I’m still familiar with the podium.” Professor Lu Guangxiu, 84 years old this year, gave a class on “stem cells and regenerative medicine” to undergraduates at the Xiangya School of Medicine of Central South University on the evening of April 4.

Lu Guangxuan in class.
Lu Guangxiu is a well-known reproductive medicine and medical geneticist, stem cell and regenerative medicine expert in China, and one of the founders of human reproductive engineering.

Since this semester, the Institute of Reproductive and Stem Cell Engineering of Central South University has offered a course on “stem cell and regenerative medicine” for undergraduates for the first time. And the one who brought the first lesson was Lu Guangxuan.
As early as 40 years ago, Lu Guangxuan’s lectures on “surgery” and “local anatomy” were very popular among students. Returning to the young students, she taught stem cells, an important development of the future of medicine, and talked about the latest developments in this cutting-edge field, sharing her life’s experience and knowledge, completely forgetting that she still had the pain of a back injury.
From how cloning originated in Germany, to the late biologist Tong Dizhou’s fish experiments, to his father, Professor Lu Huilin, who proposed cloning as a scientific idea, to the interesting story of adopting a “cloned dog” himself… Through rich cases, Lu Guangxiu vividly outlined the historical context of human embryonic stem cells.
She mentioned in her lecture, “What I am most proud of is leading the team to build the world’s first human cloned embryo and the first human embryonic stem cell line in China, which attracted worldwide attention, and finally established a national technological innovation and achievement transformation platform – the National Engineering Research Center for Human Stem Cells.” ”

Lecture site.
Lu Guangxuan explained the basic knowledge related to stem cells in simple terms, such as classifying stem cells according to their differentiation potential or source, what kind of research stem cells can be used for, how to apply markers to identify stem cells, etc., and at the same time, in the process of teaching, combined with their own scientific research experience, interact with students, encourage students to have national pride, study hard, have the courage to innovate, and win glory for the country.

The original one-and-a-half-hour course, Lu Guangxuan did not feel tired, and stood and spoke for more than two hours. The students were attentive and proactive in responding to questions.
The two-hour course passed unconsciously, and the students thanked Mr. Lu for the wonderful lecture with a long and warm applause. After the class, the students reported that this was not only a class to enjoy scientific knowledge, but also a very educational ideological and political class.
Knowing that Lu Guangxuan was about to celebrate her 84th birthday, the undergraduate representative presented a bouquet of flowers to thank her for teaching in person and wished her a happy birthday. Lu Guangxuan encouraged everyone to devote themselves to the field of stem cells: “We must continue to innovate, the future is yours, I hope you will work hard!” ”

Students presented flowers to Lu Guangxuan. (All pictures in this set are provided by CITIC Xiangya)
Lin Ge, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for Human Stem Cells and researcher of the Institute of Reproductive and Stem Cell Engineering of Central South University, encouraged the students to love the motherland, be good at learning, have the courage to pioneer, and be determined to push the country’s scientific cause to a higher peak.

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