A number of exquisite porcelain pieces were unearthed from the Yuan Dynasty tomb of Dongshan Campus of Shanxi University

From June to September 2017, in order to cooperate with the construction of Shanxi University Dongshan Campus, the Department of Archaeology of the School of History and Culture of Shanxi University, the Institute of Archaeology of Shanxi Province and the Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology of Taiyuan City jointly formed a team to excavate more than 20 tombs found on the campus. Among them, there are 2 tombs in the Yuan Dynasty. The two Yuan tombs are adjacent to the east and west, both are imitation wooden structure brick room mural tombs, although both have suffered a certain degree of damage, but the shape is clear and the excavated artifacts are rich. The excavated artifacts include porcelain, pottery, stone altars, copper coins, etc.

Both tombs are ageless, the two tombs are polygonal, the bucket arch is made of simple head hanging, and the wall is decorated with screen paintings, which are common features of Yuan dynasty tombs in Taiyuan area. According to this judgment, the age of the two tombs should be the middle and late Yuan Dynasty.

The porcelain unearthed in the tomb is relatively rich, and the kiln mouth is more clear is a white porcelain melon prism, the fetus is white, the carcass is light and thin, and there are four or five pointed cone-shaped nails on the lap foot, which should be a product of Shanxi Huozhou kiln. White ground black flower bowl and tea glaze jar have been found many times in the Taiyuan area, with obvious regional style, and are likely to be produced in nearby kilns. The two jade-pot spring vases, with their beautiful shapes, distinct decorations and exquisite flower picking techniques, are rare in previous archaeological excavations and may also have been produced by kilns near Taiyuan. Jun kiln-style porcelain bowls are rare in the previous Taiyuan Yuan tombs.

The bones in the tomb are all facing east, which is completely consistent with the Yuan Dynasty tombs found in the Taiyuan area in the past, and has strong regional characteristics and era characteristics. A stone offering platform was unearthed in one of the tombs, the first time it was found in the Taiyuan area, and the altar has also been found in the Longquan Wuliao Tomb in Beijing and the Jinyuan Tomb in Heishan in Xushuixi, Hebei, and the nature should be the same.

The excavation of the two tombs has further enriched the burial data of the Yuan Dynasty in Taiyuan area, and is of great significance for the study of the burial shape, funeral customs and development of porcelain industry in Taiyuan Yuan Tomb.
(Photo courtesy of Shanxi Institute of Archaeology)
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