Application of “Dream Material” Graphdiyne Interface in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion!

October 10, 2022,Nano Research EnergyYoung Editor, Professor Zuo Zicheng’s research group, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesA review entitled “Advanced Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion on Graphdiyne Interface” was published and concludedApplication progress of graphdiyne electrode interface in electrochemical energy storage and conversion

Graphdiyne is the first two-dimensional carbon allotrope synthesized by the team of Chinese scientist Li YuliangIt is a new type of carbon material with China’s independent intellectual property rights, which has had an important impact at home and abroad. Two-dimensional graphdiyne has unique advantages in structural design and synthetic preparation, writing a new chapter in the synthesis and application of advanced carbon materials.

Due to graphdiyneRich alkyne bonds and pore structureIt has brought many novel physical and chemical properties (semiconductor properties, stability, activity and selective transport, etc.), which have achieved original results in many fields, includingBiosensing, catalysis, electrical storage, solar cells, and artificial intelligence devicesand other research fields have made many new progresses. In recent years, two-dimensional graphdiyne research has become a frontier research hotspot that has attracted wide attention.

Figure 1. Application of graphdiyne in electrode interface of electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices

In electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices, the electrode interface is one of the key components in the device, which influencesElectrode active sites, interfacial electron ion conduction, transport and transfer of reactive species, interfacial structural stability, and electrochemical reaction barriersand many other factors, related to the performance of electrochemical devices, is a hot field of research in recent years. The new structural features of graphdiyne will greatly enrich the structure and function of the electrochemical interface, and forPrecise design, regulation and control of electrode interface functionsCreate favorable conditions. In recent years, many new scientific concepts have been generated in the field of graphdiyne electrode interface, new mechanisms of action have been discovered, and the key scientific problems of electrode interface of electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices have been solved, and the performance of devices has been significantly improved, showing the huge application prospects of graphdiyne.

This review first introduces the electrochemistry of two-dimensional graphdithyne carbon materialsElectrode interface applicationsThe unique advantages of the graphdiyne electrode are followed by the introduction of the graphdiyne electrode interfaceElectrochemical energy storage and conversionof research progress. Systematically introduced in electrochemical energy storageInterface protection mechanism, interface protection method and interface protection scene of graphdiyne electrode; In terms of electrochemical energy conversion, the new electrode interface catalyst of graphynyl group is systematically introducedElectrolyzed water, nitrogen reduction, carbon dioxide reduction and oxygen reductionand other hot research areas of innovative basic research. Finally, combined with the above research basis of graphdiyne, the authors further look forward to the key challenges and opportunities facing the development of high-performance graphdiyne electrode interface applications.

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X. Gao, J. Li, Z. Zuo, Advanced electrochemical energy storage and conversion on graphdiyne interface. Nano Research Energy.

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