Beihang School jointly built a “dual-student” flight cadet red education base

On the afternoon of April 4, the ceremony of building a red education base for “dual-student” flight cadets by Beihang University and Wanping Street was held in Wanping City.
Yang Yong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wanping Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, said in his speech that Wanping Street will provide an educational venue for Beihang teachers and students, do a good job in service guarantee, give full play to the role of Wanping City patriotism and red education demonstration base, jointly carry out educational practice, and tell red stories well.

Beihang “dual student” flight trainees at the site of the joint construction ceremony Photo courtesy of Beihang Airlines
Yu Hao, the student representative of Beihang “dual student” flight cadet class, looked back at history and paid tribute to the heroes and martyrs who fought in blood and fire. He said that inheriting the glorious traditions of our ancestors and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the historical task is the goal of our generation’s youth. As a dual-student flight cadet, he knows that a strong country must strengthen the army, and a strong army can ensure national security, and he will always strengthen the original intention of serving the country with space and space, and strive for the goal of building the people’s army into a world-class army.
Song Xiaodong, director of the Student Work Department/Armed Forces Department of the Party Committee of Beihang Airlines, stressed that Beihang should cultivate super-first-class pilots who are “the most political, most knowledgeable about aircraft, and comprehensive and comprehensive”, and is committed to comprehensively improving the students’ firm political literacy of “loyal to the party, loyal to the people, and loyal to the commander-in-chief”. It is necessary to strengthen education on ideals and beliefs, and cultivate students’ feelings of serving the country in the air; Pay attention to the design of training programs and continuously improve students’ professional quality; Build a multi-dimensional platform by classification to comprehensively cultivate students’ comprehensive quality; Beihang students will rely on the platform of the red education base to effectively improve their ability and skills, further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, support China’s “blue sky dream” with sweat and tenacity, and continue to strive to be a solid backing for the party and the people.
After the ceremony, all the “dual-student” flight students of Beihang University visited the Memorial Hall of the Anti-Japanese War of Chinese People.
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