Beijing Normal University established the position of “Yang Zhenning Chair Professor”

According to the official WeChat of Beijing Normal University on October 26, Yang Zhenning, a famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner in physics, established the position of “Yang Zhenning Chair Professor” at Beijing Normal University. According to reports, the “Beijing Normal University Xu Shubin Wei Qingxian Physics Talent Fund” donated by the Department of Physics of Beijing Normal University and alumni of the Department of Physics donated 1 million yuan as a special allowance for chair professors every year to attract high-level leading talents to work full-time in the Department of Physics and accelerate the pace of building a world-class physics department.

A message signed by Yang Zhenning shows that on October 1 this year, Yang Zhenning officially made this decision on the day of his centennial birthday: “On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Department of Physics of Beijing Normal University, the post of ‘Yang Zhenning Chair Professor’ is specially established in Beijing Normal University. ”

Source: Beijing Normal University

According to reports, Yang Zhenning has a deep relationship with Beijing Normal University. Yang Zhenning’s father, Yang Wuzhi, graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Beijing Higher Normal School in 1918 and is an outstanding alumnus of Beijing Normal University.

Yang Zhenning has been invited to Beijing Normal University many times to give lectures or have discussions with teachers and students. In May 1999, Yang Zhenning delivered a speech “Science Technology and University” at the Yingdong Academic Hall of Beijing Normal University, which was his first domestic report meeting after retirement. He pointed out that science, technology, economics and universities are the four most important fields to move mankind forward. He stressed that the main purpose of universities is education, but one of the increasing roles is to promote the development of science and technology, and to achieve this, it is necessary to discuss the promotion of innovation, and the teachers and students of the school must have an innovative spirit.

Yang Zhenning Source: Beijing Normal University

He once wrote a message for teachers and students, “Today’s China is gradually moving towards the leadership of the world, and you have grown up in such a fast-growing country, such a hard-won opportunity, I hope each and every one of you will seize it.” ”

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