Controllable preparation of imitation shell toughened graphene oxide-based composite sheet

On July 7, 2022, the team of Professor Guo Lin of Beihang University cooperated with scholars at home and abroad to make important progress in the preparation of imitation shell layered graphene oxide (GO) based on “nanostructure unit synthesis, amorphous/crystal heterogeneous phase-complex interface construction and its controllable assembly”. The research results were published in the journal Nature Materials under the title “Graphene oxide bulk material reinforced byheterophase platelets with multiscale interface crosslinking.”

Lightweight, high-strength and high-toughness composites with excellent performance have urgent practical needs and wide application prospects in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, electronic information and other fields. Graphene oxide (GO), as an important derivative of graphene, has excellent mechanical properties and high chemical stability. In recent years, GO, as one of the ideal fillers or assembly units for the preparation of high-strength composite materials, has received widespread attention and in-depth research. At present, the preparation of GO matrix composites is limited to high-performance fibers, films or lightweight foams, and it is a huge challenge to realize the controllable construction and mechanical properties of large-size three-dimensional block composite panels.

Inspired by the excellent mechanical properties of natural shell multi-scale, multi-stage and heterogeneous micro-nano “brick-and-mud” structures, the research team of Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and its collaborators designed a preparation route of imitation shell layered composites based on “nanostructure unit synthesis, amorphous/crystal GO/MnO2 heterogeneous phase-complex interface construction and its controllable assembly”, which realized the controllable assembly and preparation of centimeter-scale GO composite plates with excellent mechanical properties (Figure). Compared with pure GO, SA and non-crosslinked soaked composite plates, GO-based composite sheets have higher flexural strength (218.4 ± 11.2MPa) and excellent fracture toughness (KJC, 5.4 ± 0.4MPa•m1/2), which are almost 12.5 times that of pure GO and have about 40 times toughness than pure GO, and the GO substrate has a low density (~1.85g•cm-3). The comprehensive performance is one of the best mechanical properties reported in the centimeter-scale GO-based composite block panels so far.


Figure: Assembly design strategy of multi-scale, multi-stage and multi-component imitation shell oxide graphene-based composite plate.

This work reveals that there is a stronger interaction between amorphous MnO2 and GO nanosheets, and the highly ordered combination of nano-brick-mud structures based on crystalline/amorphous-MnO2/GO and “soft-hard” stacked structures of micron composite film sheets is the key to achieving the excellent mechanical properties of the composite panels, which provides a theoretical reference for advanced flexible two-dimensional nanomaterials to achieve assembly from nanoscale to macroscopic scale and obtain excellent mechanical properties. (Source: Science Network)

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