Fudan graduate students are called the cat medicine version of “medicine god”? The school denied admitting that the student had been admitted

On May 5, the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University officially released an explanation on the involvement of graduate students in the Department of Chemistry on the Internet.

The full text of the description is as follows:

Recently, a report entitled “Detained for a year, the cat medicine version of the “medicine god” awaits trial” was reprinted by many media after it was published in Beijing Youth Daily. The article mentions that Hu Mouyan, who was detained on suspicion of crimes, was admitted to the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University in 2013 to pursue graduate studies. After verification, this information is untrue, and Hu Mouyan has never been admitted as a graduate student by the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University. We reserve the right to further safeguard the reputation of the school in response to the adverse social impact caused by this.

In previous media reports, Hu Mouyan learned from Chinese and foreign literature at the end of 2018 that a compound called “GS441524” can be used to treat “cat-borne abdomen”. The article reads, “With the professional ability of graduate students in the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University, she found the molecular formula of this compound, purchased raw materials, and prepared the physical object through experimental debugging and proportioning.” ”

Later, hundreds of infected cats recovered from taking the compound. Hu Mouyan was also called “medicine god” by the cat owners.

The report mentioned that in 2019, she tried to apply for approval of new veterinary drugs after improving the molecular formula. In the absence of approval, she added the cat-friendly chemical as an additive to another veterinary drug that had obtained legal production approvals, and produced and sold it.

In April 2021, Shanghai police arrested Hu Mouyan on suspicion of producing and selling counterfeit and shoddy products. At present, the case has entered the trial stage.
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