Fujian: Support Xiamen University to accelerate its construction into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics

On November 24, the website of the Fujian Provincial Department of Education released the “Ten-Year Development Plan for Higher Education in Fujian Province (2021-2030)” (referred to as the “Plan”).

The “Plan” puts forward a total of 30 key tasks in 8 major items, including improving the classified development system, optimizing the structure of talent training, and improving the quality of talent training. Among them, in Article 1 “Expanding High-quality Higher Education Resources”, it is mentioned to support the construction of Fuyao University of Science and Technology (provisional name) and Fujian College of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In “Promoting the Construction of ‘Double First-class’ Universities”, it is proposed to aim at first-class goals, cultivate first-class talents, produce first-class results, and guide universities to strive for first-class in different fields and directions.

Support Xiamen University to accelerate the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. Support the construction of Fuzhou University as a national “double first-class” university, and the overall school-running strength is stable among the top 50 universities in China. Support Fujian Normal University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to strive to become national “double first-class” universities and strive to enter the top 80 universities in China.

Promote Huaqiao University and Fujian Medical University to enter the top 100 universities in China, Jimei University to enter the top 120 universities in China, and Fujian University of Chinese Medicine to enter the top 250 universities in China. Support Minnan Normal University to build a provincial “double first-class” university. Strive for Fujian Normal University to rank among the top 10 national normal colleges, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University to enter the top 5 national agricultural and forestry colleges, Fujian Medical University to enter the top 10 medical colleges, and Fujian University of Chinese Medicine to enter the top 8 Chinese medicine colleges.

In terms of “accelerating the training of high-level talents”, it is proposed to promote the expansion and quality of postgraduate education, increase the cultivation of doctoral and master’s degree awarding units, and strive to add about 7 doctoral degree awarding units, 14 master’s degree awarding units, 1-2 degree authorization independent review units by 2030, and add about 300 degree authorization points in the province’s blank and urgently needed fields, and increase the number of graduate students to about 150,000.

Vigorously develop professional degree graduate education, expand the layout of professional degree authorization, and support the establishment of professional degree authorization points for clinical medicine, education, engineering, agriculture and forestry; In principle, the newly added master’s degree-granting units only carry out professional degree postgraduate education, the new master’s degree authorization points are mainly professional degree authorization points, and the increase in the master’s degree enrollment plan is mainly used for professional degrees.

On “improving the energy level of the innovation platform”, it is proposed to implement the project of independent innovation ability of key core technologies in colleges and universities. Support Xiamen University, Huaqiao University, Fuzhou University, Fujian Normal University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Jimei University and other universities to actively participate in the construction of the national laboratory system, strive to create national science and technology innovation platforms such as national key laboratories, national engineering research centers, national applied mathematics centers, frontier science centers, etc., and plan to build major national science and technology infrastructure and large scientific devices.
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