Good news | Nano Research Energy 2022 First CiteScore 13.2; 2023 Real-Time CiteScore 30! Field TOP!

According to Elsevier’s latest 2022 CiteScore, a new journal hosted by Tsinghua University launched in June 2022Nano Research Energy On the occasion of its first anniversary, we welcome the 2022 CiteScore13.2, 2023 real-time CiteScore has been exceeded30

In the field of Chemistry (miscellaneous), it ranks 5/64, with a percentile of 92%.

In the Materials Science (miscellaneous) field, it ranks 12/150, with a percentile of 92%.

In the Energy (miscellaneous) category, it ranks 7/54, with a percentile of 87%.

Citescore 2022 Calculation: CiteScore 2022 calculates citations to articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters, and data papers published in 2019-2022 in 2019-2022, divided by the total number of publications published in 2019-2022.

Total citations totaled as of June1776 times, Scopus covers 45 articles, all of which are cited39.4

I sincerely thank all the experts, scholars, readers, reviewers, editorial board members and young editorial board members for their strong support and contributions,Nano Research EnergyWe will uphold our original intention, strive to become a top international academic journal, and continue to provide high-quality publishing services for more experts, scholars and readers!

We also look forward to more scholar choicesNano Research Energy, bringing more exposure and impact to excellent work and research!

Nano Research Energy is a companion journal of Nano Research, (ISSN: 2791-0091; e-ISSN: 2790-8119; Official Website: in June 2022, Professor Qu Liangti of Tsinghua University and Professor Chunyi Zhi of City University of Hong Kong serve as editors-in-chief.Nano Research EnergyIt is an international multidisciplinary and English-based open access journal, focusing on the cutting-edge research and application of nanomaterials and nanoscience and technology in new energy-related fields, benchmarking against top international energy journals, and committed to publishing high-level original research and review papers, which has been selected2022 China Science and Technology Journals Excellence Action Plan – High Starting Point New Journal Project。 APC fees will be waived until 2025, and teachers are welcome to submit their papers.

To submit, please contact:

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