“Graduate students missed the retest due to flight delays, collapsed and cried,” the university responded

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#Due to flight delays, missing the retest, the graduate student collapsed and cried#

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Candidate: Crashing and crying at the airport
“The biggest regret of the graduate school entrance examination”

On March 24, a post “The biggest regret of the postgraduate entrance examination” first sparked discussion on the Internet, showing that an Anhui candidate who applied for Guangdong University of Technology this year missed the written test on the 24th due to the delay of the flight to Guangzhou due to strong convective weather.

The candidate introduced that after seeing the retest news on the 22nd, he bought the plane on the 23rd, but due to the weather delay, he had no choice but to prepare for the retest at the airport while waiting for takeoff. When the flight failed to take off at night, the candidate realized that he could not make it to the retest in time and shared the experience online.

Xiao Liu said that since February last year, he has set a goal to apply for the computer school of Guangdong University of Technology. After the retest scores and rankings came out, he ranked more than 10, and the enrollment plan had more than 20 places. Xiao Liu never expected that the time for the retest was so urgent, and the bad weather directly caused him to regret that he could not participate in the retest this year.

“The re-examination time is early in the morning of the 24th, the notice is nearly 10 o’clock on the evening of the 21st, the school’s official website is only announced on the 22nd, and the re-examination notice news of Xuexin Network is only delivered to the candidates on the afternoon of the 23rd. If I hadn’t read the official website on the 22nd, I wouldn’t even have time to book a ticket early in the morning on the 24th. Xiao Liu told reporters that he is currently paying attention to the transfer information of graduate students in other schools, but he still hopes to get the opportunity to retake the examination of Guangdong University of Technology to make up for the absence caused by force majeure.


According to the air ticket and delay text message provided by Xiao Liu, his flight from Hefei Xinqiao Airport to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport was repeatedly delayed on the 23rd. “First it was delayed from 9 to 10 in the morning, then it was delayed until 3 pm, then it was 5 pm, and finally it was delayed until after 12 pm. I also looked into other ways in Guangzhou, but almost all of them were too late. ”



Xiao Liu told reporters that until he confirmed that he could not catch the retest, he broke down and cried at the airport, “I feel sorry for my parents and sorry for my efforts.” ”

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Previously, the reporter contacted the graduate admissions office of Guangdong University of Technology, and the wiring teacher told the reporter that he could not respond directly to the matter, and would contact the reporter after asking the leader. The reporter also contacted the publicity department of Guangdong University of Technology, and the relevant staff said that they had not learned about the absence of relevant candidates due to weather conditions, and would first understand the matter and report to the leader.

On the afternoon of March 26, according to the latest news from Guangzhou Daily, the staff of the School of Computer Science of the school responded that after the college asked the school, after studying and reporting to the relevant departments at a higher level for approval, the school decided to approve students who were delayed by traffic due to extreme weather, and could submit supporting materials to the college and participate in the re-examination organized by the college according to the process. The college took the initiative to contact students affected by extreme weather yesterday afternoon.

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