“Her power” blooms beautifully!

“They” are active on the three-foot podium and are at the forefront of scientific and technological research; “They” are party members, branch secretaries, people’s congress deputies… They have a common identity – Donghua female teachers!
Cultivate people with virtue and have a big heart. They are all around us, lovely, amiable and respectable, and blooming beautifully and fully in Donghua.
“Take a good course and compile a textbook”
Do one line, love one line, specialize in one line. With the seeds of love, beautiful flowers can bloom.

Yan Kelu instructs students  
“My dream is to take a good course and compile a textbook.” Yan Kelu, winner of the National Advanced Worker, person in charge of the National Civilized Post and professor of the School of Chemical Engineering of Donghua University, said.
Yan Kelu has undertaken the teaching of undergraduates, graduate students in dyeing and finishing disciplines, to doctoral students at all levels, and has taken the course “Principles of Dyeing and Finishing Technology” for decades, but every time she carefully prepares the course and never “fried cold rice”.
“You have to talk about something new so they will be interested.” Yan Kelu said.
Go abroad to study and research, and bring back the latest theories and technologies; In China, he led the team to the south and north to run the factory to explore the mystery of professional theory and practice. These experiences have become the “treasure chest” of Teacher Yan’s vivid teaching. Years of practice in teaching and research have allowed her to create the national excellent course “Principles of Dyeing and Finishing Technology”, and edited the national textbook “Dyeing and Finishing Technology Course”.

Wang Zhaohui instructs students
Engaged in fashion education for more than 30 years, Wang Zhaohui, vice dean of the College of Fashion and Art Design, has never stopped exploring teaching reform. The interdisciplinary team led by her breaks the dividing line between design and engineering, and runs the style design course and structural craft course throughout the semester at the same time, and the art and technology go hand in hand to consolidate students’ practical ability.
“Strict, practical and refined” is the three-character work policy that Wang Zhaohui has always adhered to, through improving professional teaching methods, implementing bilingual teaching, and promoting international cooperation courses, it has established a Sino-Japanese cooperative fashion art design innovation course system composed of four progressive modules of professional foundation, professional theory, professional skills and professional practice, and has won the second prize of national teaching achievements and the special prize of Shanghai municipal teaching achievements.

“You don’t work alone, we are a team”

The power of one person is limited, and the power of the team is infinite. Plant seeds of hope for the team and let more young people “break the ground”.

Meifang Zhu and the team
“The world needs science, science needs women, women need health, and health needs fiber.” Academician Zhu Meifang, vice president of the China Women Science and Technology Workers Association, Shanghai Advanced Worker and Dean of the School of Materials, once said.
In 2018, Zhu Meifang’s team was selected as the “Ministry of Education’s first batch of Huangdanian-style teachers in colleges and universities”, which is an innovative team with an average age of less than 40 years old, interdisciplinary backgrounds, and integrating basic research and application development. In order to let new teachers “serve the water and soil” as soon as possible, the team proposed the “111” young teacher help model, the three “1s” refer to team mentors, foreign mentors and enterprise mentors, and help “Green Pepper” grow and develop steadily in teaching and scientific research through multiple channels.
Teacher Cheng Yanhua is a “green pepper” who has grown rapidly in the “1+1+1” help mode. Cheng Yanhua made full use of the cooperation and exchange platform and emerging technology innovation platform built by the team for young teachers, collided with the spark of scientific and technological innovation in the exchanges, and made good scientific research progress, and has been selected into the national young talent program, and won the nomination award of the “Shanghai Science and Technology Youth 35 Leading Program” in 2021.
Zhu Meifang’s team has always focused on major national strategies and local economic and social development, and has made continuous breakthroughs in chemical fiber theory and technology through the cross-integration of fibers and nano, biology, bionics and other disciplines, and has won many national awards.

Meng Yu’s team
As the outstanding innovation team of the Ministry of Education and the backbone teacher of the second batch of “National College Huangdanian Style Teacher Team”, Professor Meng Yu of the School of Mechanical Engineering has always practiced the glorious mission of major technological breakthroughs in construction machinery, focused on the “stuck neck” and short board problems in high-end textile equipment with team members, and made breakthroughs in the fields of industrial weaving, carpet weaving, warp knitting production, etc., and won two awards for her project achievements.
“Branch secretaries and people’s congress deputies”

With the seeds of wisdom and responsibility, “her power” blooms in the sun where the country and the people need it.

Chen Huifang’s team
Chen Huifang, winner of the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and professor of the School of Materials, is an “old secretary” who has served as the secretary of the party branch of the composite materials department for more than ten years, and she is respected and loved by every branch member with full work enthusiasm and responsible working attitude.
Chen Huifang gathered scientific research strength, tackled key achievements, and served the national strategic needs – “to make China’s high-performance carbon fiber stronger'”. This spirit affects everyone in the team, and her party branch has been awarded the outstanding grassroots party organization of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Party Committee, and she herself has been named the secretary of the Shanghai “Double Leader” Teachers’ Party Branch.

Wang Lu supervises students in the laboratory

Wang Lu, director of the Key Laboratory of Textile Fabric Technology of the Ministry of Education and professor of the School of Textiles, is the Shanghai 38 Red Flag Bearer and the pacesetter of Shanghai Meritorious Achievements. Wang Lu led the team to build, “Biomedical Textiles” won the first batch of national first-class courses, and the functional materials major was awarded the national first-class undergraduate major.
In recent years, Wang Lu led the team has been committed to the restructuring and adjustment of scientific research direction and the research of high-tech textiles, and constantly explored new scientific fields, “research and development of high-strength implant systems that can induce ligament regeneration” and “development and application of biomedical anti-adhesion hernia patches” and other national key research and development projects have been implemented successively to promote industrial upgrading. “Key Technology and Industrialization of Preparation of High Strength and Low Creep Wire for Minimally Invasive Intervention” and “Key Technology and Industrialization of Minimally Invasive Interventional Artificial Vascular Coating”, won the first prize of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress.
“Post-75, post-85, forge ahead to Donghua”
A hundred flowers bloom in the spring, and Donghua’s “her power” is so warm and gorgeous.

Qin Xiaohong and students
Qin Xiaohong, the Shanghai Innovation Award and Shanghai 38 Red Flag Bearer and Dean of the School of Textiles, has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the China Youth Science and Technology Award and the China Young Women Scientist Award.
She focused on the major problems in the development of the industry, invented gradient structure networking, high-orientation networking technology, original high-curvature electrospinning technology and multi-module phase compensation lay-up technology, created an industrialized technology system for high-quality electrospinning non-woven materials from spinning, laying to molding, and formed a whole industrial chain system of macro preparation theory, technology, equipment, process control, product development and product application of electrospinning nonwoven materials.

Chu Lingling instructs students
Chu Lingling, an outstanding Communist Party member of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Party Committee System and a distinguished researcher of the Advanced Low-dimensional Materials Center, is a “post-85 generation”. After joining the company in 2018, he selected international cutting-edge research topics, quickly formed a team and fully promoted the work, and the innovative achievements accumulated in the field of green catalytic synthesis began to attract the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts, exerting international influence.

Experience traditional Chinese culture All photos courtesy of Donghua University

At present, the school’s full-time teaching team has developed in a balanced manner, with 46.2% female teachers, of which 43.1% are women among teachers with senior professional titles, showing strong development potential in the breadth and depth of science and technology.
Science and technology need women, education needs women, Donghua University female teachers have never been absent, they are confident and dare to fight, vividly showing the vigorous “she power”.
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