How important is basic science?


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China is now implementing scientific and technological innovation everywhere, but in the past few years, China’s so-called scientific and technological innovation has followed the United States, and the United States will do what the United States does. Master the core technology. As early as Deng Xiaoping’s period, there was a saying that “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice” At that time, the country’s focus was on economic development. As long as it can promote economic development and increase GDP, it will do whatever is effective, because Economic development is the primary productive force, and If you fall behind, you will be beaten.

As a basic science, you have to endure hardships and temper yourself, you have to silently pay for decades of hard work, you have to invest in talents, energy, and funds, and may not contribute to economic development for many years.

In that impetuous, crazy, and turbulent era, no one is doing basic research. In a sense, it can be said that the era discourages basic research and just follows foreign advanced technology. The future will be discussed later, just like the logic of environmental protection, “pollution first, then treatment”.

But now that China is strong, the United States has begun to notice that China has been following imitations, and may even overtake in corners. The United States does not allow China to surpass it, so it finds ways to block it and prevent China from mastering their core technologies. China has to rely on technological innovation and research on its own. In many areas, China’s basic science is far behind. What should we do?

For example, in the chip manufacturing industry in China, China can take pictures of tigers and cats. The big difference is not bad, but once it has to get involved in high-end fields, China will not work.

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