Home appliance control scheme based on human eye line capture judgment

Voice recognition technology is becoming more and more mature, and more and more intelligent household appliances are introducing voice recognition technology, such as voice wake up intelligent home appliances.

let’s take a look at the home appliance control scheme invented by a china’s AI chip company based on the judgment of human eye line capture.

As shown in the figure above, is the schematic diagram of the overall process of the natural interactive voice control method. This step is divided into two steps. First, the system obtains the voice signal, and if the voice signal is consistent with the preset voice control command, the image signal is obtained. Secondly, if the image signal meets the preset conditions, it will respond to the corresponding home appliance through the preset voice control command.

In this scheme, the principle is mainly used: when users consciously wake up home appliances through voice, their eyes are usually focused on home appliances; When a wakeword is triggered by unconscious speech, the user’s eyes are usually not focused on the home appliance.

Based on this principle, the scheme in the patent will capture the image information after receiving the voice signal, and wake up the home appliance by analyzing the human eye orientation in the image, so as to meet the needs of users.

In this process, one of the most important functions is to identify the features of the user’s eye line. The patent has developed a model as shown in the figure above, which can identify two types of images: the region of interest of the sample with the eye line facing the appliance and the region of interest of the sample with the eye line not facing the appliance. Above the depth for a more classic in the structure of neural network, such as VGG, Inception, and has applied in the ResNet, can better finish the two types of classification task, as a result of the classification model recognition rate is higher, may reach 99% or more, so can be speculated that the scheme has good recognition effect of patent and electrical home appliances control effect.

this scheme use image signal to determine whether the user needs to use some home appliance equipment, avoid the awakening word or command word deterrent to other possibilities, and by combining the human eye to confirm the method to determine which device to respond, makes the equipment awakens the solution more convenient and humanization.

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