In early spring and February, the Xidian campus is full of youth

The sun is warming up and hope to set off. Since the spring semester of 2023, the campus of Xidian University, the order of school education and teaching has been fully restored, showing a new atmosphere of vibrant spring everywhere.

                           In the new semester, students walking in the South Campus of Xidian University.  
After a light rain, early spring returns, the sun and news come from the sky. In the first week of school, the campus teaching buildings, laboratories, university student activity centers, gymnasiums, and playgrounds gradually became lively, and the orderly offline teaching schedule, intense and busy scientific research life, and colorful campus cultural activities all pressed the “restart button”, and the campus life loved by the students is back!
“With the care and guidance of my tutor, my learning goals are clearer and my motivation is stronger!”
Read aloud and study diligently. After a winter break, XD students are looking forward to a brand new semester with high spirit and fighting spirit, looking forward to returning from “key-to-key” to long-lost “face to face” with dear teachers and students, and looking forward to making new breakthroughs at a new starting point in the best state.                          
In the roadshow hall on the first floor of Haitang No. 3 College of the school, more than 20 freshmen of the class of 2022 are intimately gathered around Professor Li Long, the freshman mentor and professor of the school’s School of Electronic Engineering, sharing with the teachers their inner feelings after a semester of university life.

              At the meeting of the new semester freshman mentors, Professor Li Long (first from right) listened carefully to the reports of the students.    
“How’s your motivation lately?” What row will you sit in class? “Don’t be afraid that you have never been exposed to the terms remote sensing and electronic countermeasures before, and you have learned about electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves in high school physics, right?” The university is to guide you to use mathematical formulas and mathematical language to explain theories, without any worries…” “The first exam of the university is about to usher in, pay attention to…” Listening to the teacher’s familiar teachings, Chen Ziming, a 2022 freshman in the electronic information category, felt very warm in his heart.
On the first day he arrived on campus in September last year, Chen Ziming participated in the exchange of new student mentors organized by the school and became a student of Professor Li Long. “Over the past six months, Mr. Li has continuously given us guidance to quickly adapt to university life, so that we are no longer confused when facing difficulties such as study life and major selection. We are all grateful from the bottom of our hearts for the care and help of our mentors! At this new semester meeting, we reported to the teachers one after another, and we all thought that we had become a qualified college student! ”

                           Students of the YM team of Xidian Microelectronics Institute conducted experiments under the guidance of teachers. 
In the new semester, Lan Yuxuan, a graduate student from the YM team of the fifth “three good and three have” graduate student YM, and Qian Chiwen, a doctoral student, returned to school early and began a new round of laboratory research.
At present, cross-campus scientific research and field research have become more convenient, Lan Yuxuan and Qian Chiwen are entering the best state of learning and research as soon as possible, comprehensively promoting the progress of offline experiments in the new semester, carrying out new learning explorations, meeting new challenges, constantly improving themselves, and gaining more inspiration and accumulating more experience in the exchange and collision of ideas with teachers and students, making up for the impact of the previous epidemic as much as possible, and making their university life full and beautiful.
“In the face of young faces eager for knowledge, the lecture is more energetic!”
People come early in spring. Walking on the campus, you can see a vigorous face everywhere, stepping on the youthful steps, hurriedly moving between the teaching building and the library, becoming the most beautiful scenery on the campus in early spring.
“How can the address signal from the CPU become an enable signal for a memory or I/O device in a microcomputer?” “That’s right, the decoder is in place!”
“How can you make this digital tube display the number 0?” “Yes, fields a-f are high, and g is low.”

              In the long-lost on-site teaching class, teacher Zhang Wei led the students to use the decoder to interpret the microcomputer instructions.     
In the digital logic and microprocessor class, the students’ fast and loud answer clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of this class. In 2022, the “Virtual Teaching and Research Department of Digital Logic and Microprocessor Course Group” was approved as the first batch of pilot projects for the construction of virtual teaching and research departments by the Ministry of Education. According to teacher Zhang Weitao, after the resumption of offline classes, students’ enthusiasm for answering questions, classroom interaction efficiency and teaching quality have been significantly improved, “During online classes, students should frequently turn on and off the microphone when communicating with teachers, which will affect the rhythm of the class.” Offline, in addition to language, eye contact and body language display allow teachers to better express and help students understand more effectively. After this class, I feel steady.”
In the “daily engineering”, FAST50-meter model and thin-film antenna laboratory of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering on the south campus of the university, the team has prepared a comprehensive cleaning, full of confidence, aiming at the goal, and preparing for the teaching and research tasks of the new year.

                                             Teachers speak seriously, students study seriously.
“Facing this curious and knowledge-hungry young face again, reading the teaching effect from their expressions, adjusting the difficulty in time according to the interactive communication, and each tacit Q&A can motivate teachers and students to carry out one more efficient and warm class after another,” said Duan Xuechao, a teacher at the school’s Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and a pacesetter in teacher morality. Next, the team will also lead the students to carry out various teaching activities such as comprehensive experimental courses for senior grades, interview-style party classes, and labor education practices.
“We can now hold group meetings at any time to discuss technical problems face-to-face, and it is more convenient to carry out demonstrations of the use of instruments and equipment, and watch the analysis results in front of the computer, both scientific research work and postgraduate guidance have gone smoothly, making a good start for the new semester,” Duan Xuechao said.
At the same time, the school’s counselors also answered students’ questions and helped everyone get back to school as soon as possible through carefully organized late roll call. The Youth League Committee of the school and the teachers of ideological and political courses guided the students to polish their youth with practical work and opened a chapter of struggle in the new semester with the “first lesson of school” full of rituals.
The return of campus cultural activities is rich and colorful
With the “return” of all kinds of offline campus cultural activities on campus, a variety of practical courses, exciting club organizations, a variety of volunteer services, a full range of lectures and training, etc., at this moment, students have been waiting for a long time, and it has also added a different kind of wonderful to the new semester.
On the evening of February 16th, the 408 classroom of the University Student Activity Center was brightly lit, and nearly 40 female students from the University Student Art Troupe Dance Troupe were carrying out the training of classical dance “Body Rhyme”, with neat and uniform movements, outlining the unique charm and beauty of classical dance.
“Finally looking forward to the long-lost group training, I was really nervous and excited,” said Wang Huijie, a Class of 2021. Three months later, she will participate in an art exhibition for university students with her members. In order to maintain their condition and accumulate experience, the team members unanimously decided to make full use of their spare time to train and go to the dream stage in their hearts with the most sincere dedication.

                                     The university choir held its first rehearsal of the new semester.

The university choir is also particularly lively. On the evening of February 17, the choir held an icebreaker meeting and first rehearsal for the new semester, with nearly 50 members in attendance. “There have been no rehearsals for nearly two months, and everyone’s enthusiasm is high, and they have expressed their opinions on the arrangement of the new piece “The Sea of Stars”, and they all want to contribute to the choir’s concert!” Chang Xin’er, a member of the College of Humanities and Humanities of the Class of 2021, said.
At present, it is also a critical period for graduating students to find jobs. How to highlight the advantages in the resume and how to quickly improve the interview skills to achieve efficient job search has become the most concerned thing for many graduating students. In order to help students overcome difficulties on the road to job search, on the afternoon of February 17, the “My Job Search Story” sharing session of Lilac Academy of the school specially invited two 2019 students An Junsheng and Han Wenqi, who received offers from Huawei and ZTE respectively, to share their experience on the job search road.

                               Xidian Lilac Academy held a sharing session on “My Job Search Story”.
At present, Xidian University has fully launched the spring campus recruitment work, and the University Youth League Committee has helped to continue to broaden the supply and demand docking channels between graduates and employers, explore new employment space, and continuously promote fuller and higher-quality employment of graduates on the basis of actively preparing for special job fairs and double election meetings. All colleges also actively carry out activities to visit enterprises and expand posts, strive to strive for a wider and better job resources, internships and employment opportunities for graduates, and make a multi-pronged effort to ensure high-quality employment of graduates.
New Style Teachers and students work together to open a new game
“Thanks to the caring bus and enthusiastic staff provided by the school, we helped us open up the ‘last mile’ of returning to school,” said Liu Bingqi from the School of Computer Science and Technology.
“The hall of the academy has been renewed, and a lot of fitness equipment has been newly added to the activity room…” said Zeng Hua and Zhang Siqi of Haitang No. 3 Academy.
“The late roll call and the caring greetings of the teachers and seniors at the new semester symposium made me feel the warmth of ‘returning to school like home’. Listening to the teachers’ colorful lectures up close ignited my enthusiasm and desire to explore knowledge,” said Zhang Bingyan from the university’s School of Optoelectronic Engineering.
“When you are in the classroom, the learning status comes back immediately,” says Chen Min, an electronic information engineering major.
“It’s more convenient to go to the gymnasium to play, the teacher is guiding us to increase the amount of exercise scientifically and appropriately and improve our physical fitness”, “The one-dollar love meal is still delicious and warm”, “The popularity of the library is more prosperous”…
On the afternoon of February 17, Xidian University held a 2023 work conference to arrange the deployment of key work, accelerate the construction of “double first-class” and promote the high-quality development of the university in the new year, and condense the majestic force of Xidian people to unite and forge ahead.
“Nothing can be destroyed by the same heart, and nothing can be achieved by clenching your fingers into a fist.” Comprehensively improve the quality of independent training of talents and promote the high-quality development of the school’s undertakings, with a heavy responsibility and a glorious mission. In the new semester and new journey, the teachers and students of the school are full of confidence and spirit, set sail, and strive to open up a new situation of high-quality development of world-class universities with distinctive characteristics.
timeToday, on the way to class on the campus of Xidian University, students are full of vitality, walking briskly, talking freely about the future and discussing their dreams; In the offline class after a long absence, the teachers arrived in the classroom early to prepare for class, and the students listened carefully and made new plans in the new semester; In the library, students wandered in the ocean of knowledge and were full of new expectations for the future; In the new semester and new starting point, XD students will surely achieve a better self.

Students who seek knowledge on their own.      All images are courtesy of XDIAN.

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