Internet celebrity professor Luo Xiang was hired as an adjunct professor at Central South University

On the evening of November 7, the appointment ceremony of part-time professors of Central South University was held in 116, Yuxiu Building, the new campus, and Luo Xiang was hired as an adjunct professor of Central South University. Li Jiancheng, President of Central South University, Chen Xiang, Executive Vice President, relevant persons in charge of the school office and personnel office, and representatives of teachers and students of the Law School attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Chen Xiang.

Luo Xiang is a professor, doctoral supervisor and director of the Institute of Criminal Law at the School of Criminal Justice of China University of Political Science and Law, with his main research interests in criminal law, philosophy of criminal law, and economic criminal law. In addition to academic research and teaching, Professor Luo Xiang has long focused on the popularization of law and the teaching of legal examinations, with nearly 30 million fans on Station B, and has won the 2020 CCTV Rule of Law Person of the Year and the 2021 China News Weekly Rule of Law Person of the Year.
At the ceremony, Li Jiancheng issued a letter of appointment to Luo Xiang as an adjunct professor and wore the school emblem. Luo Xiang said that he was honored to be a member of Central South University, and he would take the status granted to him by Central South University as a motivation and support to make progress together with Central South University. Li Jiancheng said that in addition to material civilization, the development of mankind is inseparable from the strength of spiritual power. In order to build Central South University into a world-class university, the humanities and social sciences must be built and strengthened. He pointed out that Professor Luo Xiang’s appointment as a part-time professor of the school will effectively promote the cultivation of talents and scientific research in law and other disciplines of the school. Welcome more outstanding scholars at home and abroad to join Central South University. The university will further create a good environment for the development of humanities and social sciences, and continuously improve the depth and breadth of the development of humanities and sciences in the university.
After the appointment ceremony, Luo Xiang gave a lecture on the theme at the Woo Sing Hall of Yuxiu Building. The lecture was full, and Luo Xiang gave the students popular legal knowledge through a number of easy-to-understand and close-to-life examples. During the exchange session, many teachers and students interacted with Luo Xiang.
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