It is recommended that colleges and universities in the province be open to the public, and the Anhui Department of Education responded

Recently, some Anhui netizens left messages on the “leadership message board” of People’s Network, hoping to open up colleges and universities in the province to the public, open up the ecological chain between the campus and surrounding public places, help college students better integrate into society, and let the surrounding people enjoy the infrastructure of the campus.

On April 26, the Anhui Provincial Department of Education responded to this: According to the Higher Education Law of the People’s Republic of China, colleges and universities undertake the task of higher education to cultivate senior professionals with a sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability, develop science and technology culture, and promote socialist modernization. Colleges and universities are important places for students to study and live, and schools should first ensure the education and teaching needs of teachers and students and the safety and stability of the campus. According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, on the basis of meeting the daily sports activities needs of teachers and students of the school, the school’s sports venues can actively promote the opening of sports venues if they have the capacity and time period to open to the public. In addition, the “Work Plan for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Infection in Schools” issued by the Ministry of Education stipulates that the health examination methods for foreigners entering the campus shall be stipulated by the territory and the school. Therefore, the opening of university venues to the public is determined by universities according to the requirements of local epidemic prevention and control and their own actual conditions.

The Department of Education of Anhui Province also said that it will actively advocate that colleges and universities gradually promote the orderly restoration of sports facilities to the public in colleges and universities with conditions under the premise of meeting the normal education and teaching of schools, giving priority to ensuring the needs of students, and ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control, so as to meet the growing needs of the people for physical exercise.
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