Know the cold and know the heat! Wuhan Textile University has developed smart clothing that can automatically heat up

Professor Jiang Minghua’s team from Wuhan Textile University studied the experience status of smart clothing. Photo courtesy of interviewee

When it’s cold, wearing it will automatically warm you up, so smart clothing that “knows the cold and knows the heat” has become a reality. The reporter of “China Science News” learned from Wuhan Textile University that Professor Jiang Minghua’s team has recently made new progress in smart clothing, and the relevant results have been published online in the international academic journal “Internet of Things Journal”.

“Whether you are going upstairs, going downstairs, or running, through the sensors of the smart clothing transmitted to the rear platform, the artificial intelligence algorithm will come up with your status information.” Dr. Yu Feng, a member of the team member of Professor Jiang Minghua of Wuhan Textile University, introduced that the new smart wearable clothing can not only accurately grasp the human movement information, but also realize automatic temperature adjustment – if the outside temperature is low, the platform can reverse the temperature of the clothing according to the pre-set temperature.

Human physiological signals are acquired through a variety of sensors

It is understood that conventional smart wearable systems are often embodied in a watch worn on the hand, monitoring heart rate, sleep quality, step count, etc., with limited functions. The new smart clothing researched by the research team of Wuhan Textile University obtains the movement information and physiological signals of the human body through a variety of sensor information, and uses deep learning algorithms to identify multi-modal sensor signals, and finally displays the three-dimensional state information and physiological information of the human body in real time through digital twin technology, and analyzes these information by artificial intelligence algorithms in the background, so that it can predict or intervene in advance.

It is understood that smart wearable clothing has always been a hot spot in research at home and abroad. In recent years, Wuhan Textile University has made many breakthroughs in the digital twin intelligent clothing system with the advantages of textile materials, coupled with interdisciplinary disciplines such as computer and artificial intelligence.

Smart clothing is expected to be washable, dryable, and foldable

An important breakthrough in this research is to realize the two-way regulation of smart clothing and backstage information. Yu Feng introduced, for example, if you wear smart clothing into a cold area, the background artificial intelligence algorithm monitors the temperature around you in real time, and it quickly warms up the smart clothing you wear on your body according to the pre-set temperature, which is two-way adjustment, not a simple background synchronous display, but according to the results of the algorithm analysis, in turn.

“The sensor is the ‘central nervous system’ system that links the smart clothing with the backstage.” Yu Feng introduced that in the future, the sensor will be further upgraded, the sensor will be fully integrated into the smart clothing, to achieve flexible sensing, can not be touched by hand, the future of this smart clothing is also expected to be washable, drying and foldable. In addition to sensing information, some image information will be transmitted to the background in real time in the future, so as to further study the physiological state and psychological state of people.

The application of digital twin technology to smart clothing has great prospects

It is reported that this research result is the first to apply digital twin technology to smart clothing, which is an innovative breakthrough in this field. In this study, a smart clothing system constructed by a variety of sensors is constructed, which maps the human state information with the human three-dimensional model in real time, and realizes the synchronous display of the human body state in the real world and the human model status in the virtual three-dimensional space.

Yu Feng said that the technology is also expected to be applied to smart wearables for medical health, physical condition monitoring of competitive sports athletes, and human condition monitoring and early warning of special groups in the future. (Source: China Science News, Li Sihui, Zheng Ting)

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