KPMG: Internet of Vehicles Data Security Regulatory System Research Report 2022

With the continuous development of modern information technology, the automotive industry has entered the era of new energy digitalization, and automobiles have gradually developed into intelligence and networking. The Internet of Vehicles is an extension of the cyberspace of the “Internet +” era, which is the inter-vehicle network between vehicles and with infrastructure, pedestrians and networks. The development of the Internet of Vehicles will realize data interconnection between people, vehicles, roads and clouds, and serve various scenarios such as intelligent interaction, automatic driving, and intelligent transportation.

However, the role of smart cars in the Internet of Vehicles will be more than just a means of transportation in the general sense, in order to achieve more functions and scenarios, smart cars are becoming a mobile and interactive vehicle data hub that deeply collects, processes, transmits and uses a large number of personal information, car operation data and environmental data. Car data is key to the operation of the Internet of Vehicles, and the vast amount of important data contained in it will involve the security of individuals, vehicles, enterprises and countries. How to ensure the safety of automobile data and promote the full and rational use of automobile data under the premise of compliance has gradually become an important issue related to the healthy and benign development of the entire vehicle networking industry.

At present, China has formulated and begun to implement important laws in the field of data protection such as the Cybersecurity Law, the Data Security Law, and the Personal Information Protection Law. In the field of the Internet of Vehicles, the relevant departments are also constantly strengthening supervision and protection, and have successively issued important industry regulations and opinions such as “Several Regulations on Automotive Data Security Management (Trial)” and “Opinions on Strengthening the Access Management of Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Manufacturers and Products”, which put forward all-round data protection requirements for the Internet of Vehicles industry.

Based on this, KPMG China and Guantao Zhongmao law firm jointly published the “Research Report on the Data Security Supervision System of the Internet of Vehicles”. This report sorts out and analyzes the current issues of automotive data types, data security regulatory status, and industry regulatory priorities involved in the current field of vehicle networking, and puts forward regulatory suggestions, hoping to provide reference and reference for all sectors of society.

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