Lotus Xiangli said clean: Nannong University integrated Dutch culture into the theme party class

Show the lotus flowers on the spot. Courtesy of Nanjing Agricultural University

“Look at the lotus flower pure, you should know not to stain the heart.” Lotus flowers are quiet and fragrant, turquoise as a plate, known as the “gentleman in the flowers”, in the middle of summer is the season of lotus flowers, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Nanjing Agricultural University carefully planned the theme of “Meet 100 Hundred and Twenty-Twenty, And Together to Lotus Lian” theme display activities, focusing on promoting the construction of campus integrity culture and the combination of discipline majors, and integrating “Dutch culture” into display activities and theme party lessons.

The exhibition is divided into a fine lotus exhibition area and a clean culture exhibition area.

The exhibition area of fine lotus flowers shows more than 120 varieties of fine lotuses and more than 20 varieties of water lilies in the world, a total of more than 600 pots, combing and excavating the ornamental characteristics, edible medicinal and cultural values of lotuses, teachers and students can think of lotuses, read lotuses and understand lotuses while viewing lotuses, appreciating lotuses and tasting lotuses. In the interactive area, flower art materials such as immortal flowers, fresh cut flowers, and folded flowers were exhibited at the same time, and the fragrant lotus tea, lotus root powder and lotus wine products also attracted many teachers and students to taste.

The exhibition area of honest culture displays typical figures of honesty in history, party history, and school history, and is divided into three parts: “The History of Famous People in the Heart of Blue Blood”, “Promising the Party with One’s Body,” and “Hundred And Twenty Styles and Glories Like First Sights”, introducing the lives and stories of a total of 12 representative figures, and simultaneously exhibiting more than 70 works of honest culture such as calligraphy, painting, photography, and poetry created by teachers and students of the school. Lian Lian carries together, Lian Lian is the same product, and the unique charm of incorruptible culture is displayed in the “QingLian Journey”.

During the exhibition, Chen Sumei, secretary of the party branch of the first batch of “double leader” teachers in colleges and universities in the country, professor of the College of Horticulture of Nanjing Agricultural University, and all party members of the party branch of the school discipline inspection inspection, the party branch of the teachers of ornamental tea, the party branch of the facility garden students, and the party members and representatives of the teachers and party members of the lotus research group gathered in front of the main building, accompanied by a burst of lotus incense, a shared party class of “lotus flowers say clean and honest”.

Chen Sumei gave a party lesson. Courtesy of Nanjing Agricultural University

“Straight in the middle, no vines and no branches, fragrant far and clear, pavilions and pure plants”. Chen Sumei recounted the ornamental characteristics of lotus flowers and praised the noble quality of this “gentleman in the flowers” who is straight, open-minded and well-behaved. 

“The reason why the lotus flower can remain elegant and pure is inseparable from the protection of the lotus leaf.” Chen Sumei guided everyone to observe the small mastoids on the surface of the lotus leaf, and when the rain fell, it was precisely because of these protrusions that the water could not infiltrate the surface of the lotus leaf. And because of the surface tension, the water droplets maintain a spherical body, and in the process of rolling, they adsorb dust and then roll off.

“This is the self-cleaning property that nature has given to lotus leaves, making it always spotless and fresh.” Chen Sumei said, “This also enlightens us to always cultivate ourselves and clean deeds, keep the bottom line and the red line.” ”

Combined with the review of the knowledge of party history, Chen Sumei led the teachers, students, and party members to watch the lotus varieties with revolutionary meanings such as “China’s Red Shaoshan” and “Red Sun” together, told the life and honest deeds of the people’s good premier Zhou Enlai, the internationally renowned wheat breeder, the agricultural educator Jin Shanbao, and other representative figures, and encouraged teachers and students to establish a sense of self-cultivation and clean conduct, and implanted the roots of advocating cleanliness and honesty in their hearts and practicing in practice from the ideological and practical aspects.

According to Li Changxin, deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Nanjing Agricultural University, this innovative integration of “Dutch culture” into display activities and party class study is an activity that the School Discipline Inspection Committee has tried to hold in implementing the Central Committee’s “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of a Clean culture in the New Era”, combining the characteristics of the discipline and promoting the construction of a clean culture on campus, with the purpose of using “lotus” as the medium to further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education, and to glow with new vitality of campus integrity education.

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