Master students of Zhejiang Normal University were selected as the top 1% of highly cited scientists in the world, and the supervisor said that it was “unique”

Because of the “unique” news, Lin Hongjun, dean of the School of Geography and Environment of Zhejiang Normal University, recently attracted public attention.

Screenshot of Lin Hongjun’s teacher profile

Lin Hongjun, a native of Jinhua, Zhejiang, was selected as a Clarivate Global Highly Cited Scientist (2020-2022) and Elsevier China Highly Cited Scholar (2020-2022). For example, Zhang Meijia published more than 30 SCI Region II and above papers (11 in one work) at the master’s level, 6 SCI papers published by Teng Jiaheng at the master’s stage were selected as ESI highly cited or hot papers, and Chen Yifeng was selected as one of the top 1% highly cited scientists in Clarivate Worldwide (master’s students are the only ones selected). The trained student, Zhang Meijia, was introduced by Zhejiang Normal University as a Ssangyong Scholar Distinguished Professor.

The Paper noted that in the column of “talent echelon” currently announced by the School of Geography and Environment of Zhejiang Normal University, there are only 4 highly cited scholars in the world, namely Lin Hongjun (2021, 2022), Chen Jianrong (2020, 2021, 2022), Chen Yifeng (2021), and Yaxin (2022). Among them, Lin Hongjun, Chen Jianrong, and Yaxin are all professors of the college.

According to public information, Chen Yifeng, a 2017 graduate student majoring in geography and pollution control in the Department of Geography and Environment of Zhejiang Normal University, has been admitted to Tongji University in 2020 with a doctorate in environmental science and engineering.

According to an article published in June 2020 by the School of Geography and Environment of Zhejiang Normal University, Chen Yifeng won the National Scholarship for Graduate Students, the Bronze Award of the China “Internet +” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the third prize of the “Excellent Graduate Thesis” of the Zhejiang Environmental Science Society, and successfully graduated as an outstanding graduate of Zhejiang Province. At present, he has published 10 SCI academic papers (including 5 SCI papers by the first author) and 1 paper in domestic core journals; Among them, the paper published in Bioresource Technology as the first author was selected as ESI highly cited papers.

Speaking of his supervisor Lin Hongjun, Chen Yifeng believes that his success in obtaining a doctorate is inseparable from the careful teaching of his supervisor. “Teacher Lin is very attentive to help me revise the article, from English word modification to framework adjustment, Teacher Lin guides me on the academic road like a toddler along the way, and fully supports me in my examination.” When it comes to future planning, Chen Yifeng said that he will face the unknown and prepare early, and he hopes that he can become a college teacher who cares and loves students like Mr. Lin Hongjun.
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