More than 100 principals gathered together to discuss the continuous cultivation of top-notch innovative talents

On May 11, principals from more than 100 well-known high schools in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country gathered at Tongji University to attend the 2023 Tongji University Middle School Principals Forum to discuss “AI-enabled education innovation and development”, and universities and middle schools jointly discussed the comprehensive training of top-notch innovative talents in the era of artificial intelligence, and jointly committed to providing important talent support for promoting Chinese-style modernization. President Zheng Qinghua of Tongji University attended the forum and delivered a speech, presided over by Executive Vice President Lv Peiming.

Tongji University 2023 Middle School Principals Forum. Photo courtesy of Tongji University
“The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has brought new challenges and opportunities to education models, educational means and educational forms.” Zheng Qinghua said in his speech at the forum that in recent years, Tongji University has fully empowered the transformation and upgrading of traditional disciplines with artificial intelligence, and promoted new progress in various undertakings of the university. It is hoped that the presidents and universities will discuss the topic of the times of “artificial intelligence empowers the innovation and development of education”, comprehensively deepen the cooperation between the two sides, and jointly cultivate more outstanding talents for the modernization of Chinese style.
At the forum, Yuan Zhenguo, Director of the Department of Education of East China Normal University, delivered a keynote report entitled “Grasp the Essence of Digital and Continuously Improve the Level of Human-Machine Integration”; Zhu Zhuojun, principal of Tianyi Middle School in Jiangsu Province, shared the innovative practice of the school’s “three highs synergy” education method; Lou Yongqi, Vice President of Tongji University, delivered a keynote report entitled “Internationalization and Informatization Empower the Cultivation of Talents with Tongji Characteristics”; Zhao Xianzhong, Dean of the Undergraduate College of Tongji University and Executive Dean of Guohao College, introduced the series of exploration practices and its results in the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents in recent years.
Experts said that the new challenges brought by AI technology to the field of education require in-depth discussions and joint efforts by universities and secondary schools. It is hoped that Tongji University will continue to give full play to its advantages as subject experts, give more support and help to the education and teaching reform in the era of artificial intelligence in middle schools, and jointly promote the early discovery and comprehensive training of talents, and jointly cultivate more outstanding talents for the future.
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