Nankai University’s 2023 Lei Feng volunteer service activity was launched

On March 3, on the occasion of the 60th “Learning from Lei Feng Day”, Nankai University held the launching ceremony of the 2023 Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service Activity and the signing ceremony of cooperation between Nankai University and community volunteer service, so as to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, unite the joint efforts of volunteers, and integrate youth struggle into the cause of the party and the people.

Launch event site Photo by Zong Qiqi
At the event, Nankai University released the 2023 implementation plan for learning from Lei Feng’s volunteer service. According to the plan, this year, Nankai University will continue to adhere to the work concept of “self-growth in service and dedication”, take serving grassroots social governance and helping the integrated development of universities, primary and secondary schools as the two main service directions, go deep into the community to carry out the special action of “community service”, continue to deepen the special action of “big hands join hands and promote the integrated development and construction of universities, primary and secondary schools”, take the community and primary and secondary schools as the main service position, adhere to the two-way drive, cooperation and sharing, innovative development, and fine management of volunteer service projects in social schools. Integrate various service course resources in the school to create a “menu-style” service resource sharing platform, and simultaneously provide “order-based” characteristic services to enhance the actual social contribution of volunteer services.
In order to further play the role of volunteer service in helping the national social development, Nankai University has reached cooperation intentions with 40 communities, including Chaoyangli Community in Heping District of Tianjin, Fenghuli Community in Nankai District, Baoye Xinyuan Community in Jinnan District, People’s Homeland Community in Beichen District, and Yanhaixuan Community in Binhai New Area, to jointly build community volunteer service bases. At the event, Niu Wenli presented the Nankai University Youth Volunteer Service Base plaque to the representatives of the cooperative community. Guo Jiansong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Neighborhood Committee of Jialing Beili Community in Nankai District, and Liu Ruiyi, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering of Nankai University, said in their speeches that the construction of the base will be used as an opportunity to give full play to their respective advantages, carry out volunteer services according to local conditions, and promote the deep integration of community and university party building and volunteer alliances.
At the event, the theme of 2023 Nankai University Youth Volunteer Service was simultaneously released. This year, Nankai University will organically combine the activities of learning from Lei Feng with the glorious tradition of “knowing China and serving China”, focusing on the needs of the country and society, combining the characteristics of disciplines and based on professional expertise, focusing on the eight themes of “being a helper of rural revitalization”, “being a builder of ecological civilization”, “being a popularizer of rule of law publicity”, “being a guardian of healthy China”, “being a defender of national security”, “being a disseminator of Chinese civilization”, “being a practitioner of socialist core values” and “being a sower of public welfare education”. Innovatively carry out volunteer service activities with rich content and diverse forms to promote the high-quality development of school volunteer service.
This event also launched the establishment of the “Lei Feng Class” in Nankai University for the first time. According to the establishment plan, the school starts the construction cycle of “Learning from Lei Feng” in March every year, and conducts public evaluation and awards honors in March of the following year, so as to lead more outstanding collectives to devote themselves to volunteer service.
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