Nano Res. Energy | Academician Wang Zhonglin/Researcher Dong Kai: Integration of technology and fashion – textiles become self-charging power sources for the human body

June 1, 2022, Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Systems, Chinese Academy of SciencesWang ZhonglinAcademicians andDong KaiResearchers in the new journal of High Starting Point hosted by Tsinghua UniversityNano Research EnergyPublished the latest research results entitled “Wearable Energy Harvesting-Storage Hybrid Textiles as On-Body Self-Charging Power Systems”.

Wearable electronics‘s rapid development requires its energy supply to be flexible, wearable, integrable and sustainable. However, some energy supply units cannot meet these requirements at the same time, and energy storage units also have capacity constraints and flexibility problems, so the development is sustainableWearable self-charging power supplyCrucial.

Figure 1. Application prospects and schematics of self-charging power supply textiles. (a) Application prospects for self-charging power textiles for wearable electronic devices containing energy harvesting, management and storage units. (b) Schematic diagram of self-charging power source textiles. (c) Photographs of self-charging power source textiles. (d) Schematic diagram of coaxial fiber-TENG (e) Schematic diagram of coaxial fiber-SC.

In response to the above problems, Dong Kai’s research team reported oneWearable sustainable energy harvesting-storage hybrid self-charging power source textiles。 The power textile includes a coaxial fibrous polylactic acid/reduced graphene oxide/polypyrrole (PLA-RGO-PPy) friction nanogenerator (fiber-TENG), which can harvest low-frequency and irregular energy during human movement as a power generation unit, and a novel coaxial fibrous supercapacitor (fiber-SC) as an energy storage unit by functionalizing the wet-spun graphene oxide fiber. The fiber-TENG is flexible, weavable, wearable, and can be adapted for integration with a variety of portable electronics. Coaxial fiber-SC hasHigh volumetric energy densityAnd goodCycle stability。 fiber-TENG and fiber-SC are flexible yarn structures for wearable continuous human movement energy harvesting and storage, as self-charging power systems on the body, withLight weight, easy to prepare, strong portability, wide applicabilityand other features. Integrated power textiles offer an effective pathway to the design of wearable electronics for sustainable work.

Paper Information:

Sheng F, Zhang B, Cheng R, et al. Wearable energy harvesting-storage hybrid textiles as on-body self-charging power systems. Nano Research Energy, 2023,


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