Nano Res. Energy | Professor Chen Wei, Guangxi Normal University: Preparation strategy and electrocatalytic application of MOF/carbon hybrid nanostructures

June 1, 2023, Guangxi Normal UniversityCHEN WeiProfessor at Tsinghua UniversityNano Research EnergyPublished a review entitled “Metal–organic framework and carbon hybrid nanostructures: fabrication strategies and electrocatalytic application for the water splitting and oxygen reduction reaction”.

With the rapid development of the economy, the energy crisis and environmental pollution problems are becoming more and more serious, prompting us to develop a sustainable and clean new energy system. Among them, electrochemical energy conversion technology is considered to be one of the ideal potential alternative energy systems. The technique involves a variety of electrochemical reactions, in which electrocatalysts play a key role. Researchers have developed a variety of electrocatalysts in the past ten years, but there are still great challenges in terms of cost and stability.Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)Due to its regular channels, active centers of atom dispersion, adjustable pore size and pore environment, it has been regarded as a promising class of electrochemical energy conversion electrocatalysts. However, MOFs are relativeLower conductivityandstabilityIt limits its wide application in the field. In this case, the preparation of MOFs and carbon composites by using the high conductivity and stability of carbon-based materials can effectively overcome the above defects. In addition, the synergistic effect of MOFs and carbon can optimize the electronic structure of the active site and increase the active surface area, thereby further improving the electrocatalytic performance of the composite.

Figure 1. The combination of carbon materials and MOFs in different spatial dimensions and their applications in OER, HER and ORR.

This paper briefly introduces the latest research progress of MOF/carbon composites, including the preparation methods of MOFs hybridized with carbon-based materials of different dimensions and their electrocatalytic applications in the fields of water splitting.

1) The authors first look at metal-organic frameworks with carbon materials of different dimensionsSynthesis strategyA brief introduction was given.

2) The authors next summarize and discuss the latest advances in the application of metal-organic frameworks and carbon materials in the field of electrocatalysis such as water splitting, including:Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER)Oxygen evolution reaction (OER)andOxygen reduction reaction (ORR)

3) Finally, the authors highlight the advantages and challenges of such catalysts and discuss the future development trend of MOF/carbon composites for HER, OER, and ORR.

Paper Information:

Su Z, Huang Q, Guo Q, et al. Metal–organic framework and carbon hybrid nanostructures: Fabrication strategies and electrocatalytic application for the water splitting and oxygen reduction reaction. Nano Research Energy, 2023,


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