Nano Res. Energy | Professor Zhu Jia of Nanjing University: The wonderful evolution under pressure: a new means of physical property regulation of two-dimensional materials

June 14, 2023, Nanjing UniversityZhu JiaProfessor at Tsinghua UniversityNano Research Energypublished a new review article entitled “Property modulations of two-dimensional materials under compression”.

Two-dimensional materialsIt has attracted a wide range of research interests because of its rich and unique physicochemical properties. In this class of materials, the planes are composed of atoms linked by covalent bonds, while weak van der Waals forces maintain the interaction between the two adjacent layers. The properties of two-dimensional materials are closely related to interlayer electron interaction and spin-orbit coupling.Interlayer interactionsEffective regulation is an effective means to regulate the physical and chemical properties of two-dimensional materials. Without introducing other influencing factors, applying pressure can change the interlayer interaction and electron density of two-dimensional materials, thereby adjusting the crystal structure and band structure, and even inducing phase transitions, so pressure can effectively adjust the physical and chemical properties of two-dimensional materials and expand their applications.

Figure 1. Pressure-induced regulation of physicochemical properties of two-dimensional materials.

In this review, Professor Zhu Jia’s team summarizedThe mechanism of two-dimensional material property regulation under pressure induction and the latest progress, and elaborated its application prospects in the energy field. Under pressure, compared with three-dimensional materials composed of covalent bonds or ionic bonds, two-dimensional materials can be compressed more effectively due to the relatively weak van der Waals force, so as to regulate their interlayer interactions. Therefore, the application of high voltage can effectively adjust the crystal structure and band structure of two-dimensional materials, and further realize the regulation of their optical, electrical, thermal and magnetic propertiesBuild correlations between performance regulation and stress。 Moreover, these performance regulations can be further manifested in related applications such as energy transport and conversion, for exampleSuperconducting materials, thermoelectric materials, photoelectric conversion materials, etc., expand the application prospects of two-dimensional materials in the field of energy conversion. In addition, as a new means of regulation,High pressure scienceThe introduction of the company is expected to open up new ways for the research of two-dimensional materials and provide more possibilities for the expansion of various applications.

Paper Information:

Wu Z, Wang Y, Dou Y, et al. Property modulations of two-dimensional materials under compression. Nano Research Energy, 2023,


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