National Timing Center 2022 High-level Talent Recruitment Announcement

(This announcement is valid all year round)

The National Timing Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the National Timing Center), founded in 1966, is the only scientific research institution in China that specializes in and comprehensively engages in the basic and applied research of time frequency, and undertakes the task of generating, maintaining and broadcasting the national standard time (Beijing time). The national standard time performance and contribution to the international standard time are among the top three in the world. It operates one of the earliest national major scientific and technological infrastructures in China, the long and short wave timing system, and has built the only satellite navigation timing test platform in China, which has made important contributions to the construction and development of China’s national time frequency system and satellite navigation system. 
The main workplaces of the National Timing Center are located in Lintong District, Xi’an Aerospace Industry Base and Xi’an Science Park. 
The National Timing Center mainly carries out research work such as quantum frequency standard, time retention, time-frequency transmission, time-frequency measurement, timing terminal, astronomical time measurement, satellite navigation, etc., and currently undertakes major tasks such as national major scientific and technological infrastructure, national time-frequency system construction, space station time-frequency system, and satellite navigation major special projects, providing a good career development platform for outstanding talents. According to the needs of scientific research layout and discipline development, we are now recruiting outstanding talents at home and abroad.

National Timing Center 2022 High-level Talent Recruitment Announcement

National Timing Center 2022 Special Research Assistant or Postdoctoral Recruitment Announcement

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