Natron has partnered with Clarios to produce sodium-ion batteries on a large scale for the first time

Sodium-ion battery manufacturer Natron Energy and mobile low-voltage advanced battery technology manufacturer Clarios International Inc. willcooperateManufacture of the first mass production of sodium-ion batteries.

When mass production begins in 2023, the Clarios Meadowbrook plant will be the world’s largest plant for sodium-ion batteries. The partnership will put the U.S. at the forefront of sodium-ion battery manufacturing.

Natron spent 10 years developing sodium-ion batteries for mass production. In 2020, ARPA-E awarded the company $20 million through the SCALEUP program to increase the production of its sodium-ion batteries by a factor of 30. In 2021, Natron released the world’s first UL-listed sodium-ion battery product.

Several Fortune 500 companies have validated Natron’s technology through independent testing and real-world deployment. Crucially, Natron’s sodium-ion batteries do not contain lithium, cobalt, nickel, copper, or other minerals that are causing recent price fluctuations in the lithium-ion supply chain. Customers can be confident that Natron’s batteries will be supplied at a stable price. In addition, Natron’s sodium-ion batteries do not experience thermal runaway, so they can be safely transported and disposed of without fire.

Today, Natron’s batteries are primarily used in critical power applications, such as data centers and telecom networks. Future applications may also include electric vehicles and grid energy storage.

Natron’s batteries are manufactured using the same tools and equipment used for lithium-ion manufacturing. This similarity in manufacturing requirements allows Natron and Clarios to leverage part of the Clarios Meadowbrook lithium-ion facility for sodium ion manufacturing, which is less costly and has a faster time to market than building a new plant.

With support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E facility through the SCALEUP program, Natron will install new battery assembly equipment at the Clarios Meadowbrook facility to mass-produce sodium-ion batteries for customers in the industrial power market. Get more cutting-edge research progress visit:

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