New two-dimensional material MXene will “do a lot”

MXene is a new two-dimensional material composed of metal carbides or nitrides. Due to its excellent flexibility, good electronic conductivity and excellent mechanical properties, it is one of the most commonly used flexible electrode materials. Recently, the team of Wu Zhongshuai, a researcher at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, published an outlook article on the application of high-entropy MXene in energy storage and catalysis, introduced the important research progress related to high-entropy MXene, and looked forward to the research direction and possible future research paradigms of high-entropy MXene. The article was published in Science Bulletin.

Versatile application direction. Photo courtesy of Dalian Chemical Properties

MXene has a wide range of applications in energy, sensing, catalysis and biomedicine. Since its discovery in 2011, a lot of theoretical research and experimental work have been carried out in the fields of energy storage and catalysis, and the research has gradually transitioned from the initial simple regulation of surface functionalization to the fine work such as transition metal regulation in MXene crystal structure, in order to further improve the performance of MXene and explore its greater application potential.

High-entropy alloys contain more than 5 major elements, and the entropy increase effect often gives them unique and unexpected properties. Inspired by high-entropy alloys, the researchers sought to incorporate the concept of high entropy into MXene, improving its applicability for various applications by introducing a variety of transition metals with approximate equal molar ratios into MXene.

In view of the unique properties and application potential of high-entropy MXene, this paper first analyzes the performance of MXene in batteries and supercapacitors, emphasizes the importance of high-entropy MXene research, and discusses the characteristics of various current MXene synthesis methods, as well as possible new methods in the future. This paper also analyzes the application of high-entropy MXene in supercapacitors and batteries, and finds that the increase in entropy is closely related to the increase in capacitance of supercapacitors and the improvement of battery stability. In addition, the application prospect of high-entropy MXene in catalysis and other aspects is also prospected.

This paper proposes that since the research of high-entropy MXene involves multidisciplinary cross-integration, the rapid development of high-entropy MXene urgently requires global experimental and theoretical cooperation, so as to overcome the unknown challenges in this field and maximize the application potential of high-entropy MXene. (Source: Sun Danning, China Science News)

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