Ningbo University: “No. 8” seafood settled in the saline land

On August 2, a batch of money fry “boarded” a flight from Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, to Xinzheng Airport in Henan Province, and then were quickly transported to the breeding base in Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, where Wang Huan, a teacher at the School of Oceanography of Ningbo University and deputy secretary of the party group of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Yanjin County, had already waited there early.

This is already the eighth kind of “seafood” ushered in by Yanjin, an inland county. With the arrival of the money fish, the School of Oceanography of Ningbo University and Yanjin County, Henan Province, held a signing ceremony for the school-site party building alliance, which also marked a new stage for the comprehensive utilization of saline-alkali land by the university’s aquatic discipline.

Researchers guide “seafood” farming Courtesy of Ningbo University

The school-site cooperation between the School of Oceanography of Ningbo University and Yanjin County, Henan Province, began with “One Green Crab”. Since 2017, with the strong support and assistance of Yanjin County, the Party Branch of the Aquatic Animal Breeding Team of the College of Oceanography of Ningbo University has regularly gone to Henan to carry out local service activities, and after 5 years of persistence and more than 100,000 kilometers of travel, the East China Sea blue crab has been successfully fed, raised and raised in the saline alkali land of the Yellow River, and the saline and alkali land has been turned into a “rich field”.

Green crab is just the beginning, but it’s far from the end. Since green crabs can, is it possible to represent other marine aquatic animals? The party members of the branch teachers did not stop, and successively introduced South American white shrimp, clams, American redfish, black seabream, seven-star perch, large yellow croaker, money fish, etc. and successfully tried to raise them.

“The establishment of the party-building alliance is not only a vivid practice of party building leading ecological development and helping rural revitalization, but also a powerful measure to promote ‘government, industry, study and research’, which will surely have a profound impact on the development of Yanjin County.” Li Zezhou, secretary of the Yanjin County CPC Committee, said.

It is reported that in recent years, Ningbo University has vigorously promoted scientific research innovation and local service work, jointly built 11 local research institutes with governments at all levels, jointly built 14 school-enterprise research institutes with leading enterprises, and jointly built 180 school-enterprise (prefectural) scientific research cooperation platforms with local governments, enterprises and institutions, realized 1 patent transfer of more than 10 million yuan, invested 2 at a price, and was awarded the top ten excellent cases of industry-university-research cooperation in Chinese universities, and won the highest honor award in the country for the combination of government, industry, education and research for four consecutive years.” China Industry-University-Research Institute Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award”.

China has about 1.487 billion mu of saline-alkali land, 690 million mu of low-lying saline-alkali water, and the continuous success of inland saline-alkali water aquaculture seafood will bring more hope for farmers in inland saline-alkali land to get rich, and will also provide more education and scientific research strength for serving the national rural revitalization strategy.

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