Official announcement: Taizhou supports the transformation of this college into an applied university

On May 5, the Taizhou Municipal People’s Government issued the Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the “315” Science and Technology Innovation System Construction Project in Taizhou (2023-2027). It mentions: further promote the transformation of Taizhou College into an application-oriented university, actively establish Taizhou University, strive to create a national university science and technology park, strive to make breakthroughs in the construction of provincial and ministerial key laboratories, provincial and ministerial key think tanks, etc., and enter the top 200 domestic undergraduate universities in terms of comprehensive strength. Improve the ability of Taizhou Vocational School to serve the development of local industries, and support Taizhou Vocational and Technical College and Taizhou Vocational College of Science and Technology to become demonstration schools for the integrated development of vocational education and private economy.

Encourage municipal innovation platforms such as the Taizhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University, the Taizhou Innovation Center of the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Tsinghua University, the Taizhou Research Institute of SUSTech, and the Taizhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology to give full play to the advantages of their headquarters and create high-level innovation carriers with their own characteristics and coordinated development. Deepen precise cooperation with Fudan University, SUSTech and other famous universities, and build high-quality Yangtze River Delta (Taizhou) Marine Industry Technology Research Institute and Fudan University Zhangjiang Research Institute new energy and new materials pilot base. By 2027, a total of 25 scientific and technological innovation carriers will be newly introduced from well-known universities and institutes. Build a full-chain science and technology service system of “R&D design, incubation acceleration, industrial empowerment, and venture capital”.

Annex:The Notice of the People’s Government of Taizhou Municipality on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of the “315” Science and Technology Innovation System Construction Project (2023-2027) in Taizhou Municipality .doc

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