Peking University held a symposium on investigation and research

On the occasion of the investigation and research of the whole party, in order to deeply implement the “Work Plan on Investigation and Research in the Whole Party”, explore how to give full play to the advantages of Peking University’s interdisciplinary and talents, closely combine research work, statistical work, and data work with the needs of government decision-making, and better serve the governance of the country, on the afternoon of March 22, 2023, Peking University held a symposium on investigation and research work in the moonlight hall of Yingjie Exchange Center.

Hao Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University, Sun Qingwei, Vice President of Peking University, Xie Xincheng, Deputy Director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Tang Chao, Director of the Interdisciplinary Department, Li Xiaochao, former Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics, Wang Wei, Director of the Institute of Market Economy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, experts, scholars and heads of functional departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese and Development Research Center, and Peking University attended the meeting. The symposium was chaired by Zhang Zhixue, Director of the China Social Sciences Survey Center at Peking University.

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Sun Qingwei pointed out that investigation and research are the heirlooms of the communists, Peking University has always attached importance to investigation and research work, has a glorious academic tradition of carrying out social investigation and scientific collection of survey data, and research institutions such as the China Social Science Investigation Center and relevant faculties have achieved fruitful results in applying survey data to academic research and serving the country’s social and economic development. Sun Qingwei emphasized that social investigation is related to social development and people’s livelihood and well-being, and taking the opportunity of the Daxing investigation and research proposed by the Party Central Committee, we must more deeply understand the important strategic significance of carrying out investigation and research, actively respond to the call, and further strengthen social investigation and research work: First, give full play to the advantages of interdisciplinary disciplines and promote the construction of high-quality databases; The second is to strengthen the training of investigation and research talents and provide more high-quality investigation and research talents to the society; The third is to strengthen the research and innovation of investigation technology, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of investigation and research.

Sun Qingwei spoke

Xie Xincheng pointed out that with the improvement of research methods and survey techniques, high-quality survey data has become the underlying support for empirical research and evidence-based decision-making. The National Natural Science Foundation of China has always paid great attention to investigation and research, deeply understood the great significance of investigation and research, and provided strong funding and support for survey data accumulation, survey technology improvement and empirical research. The “National Natural Science Foundation of China-Peking University Management Science Data Center” project launched in 2014 has made great progress in three aspects: large-scale survey data collection, data management and service, and think tank research. Xie Xincheng hopes that as one of the few professional investigation and research institutions in universities, the China Social Sciences Survey Center of Peking University can continue to carry out realistic and pragmatic investigation and research, continuously expand new high-quality research projects, build a more open data platform, explore the combination of sampling data and big data, and become a banner for university investigation and research.

Xie Xincheng spoke

Taking China’s biomedical discipline as an example, Tang Chao compared the construction of databases at home and abroad, and pointed out the importance of investigation and research work and data platform construction for scientific research. Tang Chao said that the National Natural Science Foundation of China attaches great importance to the construction of data platforms and has made positive attempts, hoping to take the opportunity of the Party Central Committee to propose the style of investigation and research, and systematically promote the construction of China’s data platform from the aspects of evaluation system, operation mechanism, data openness and collaboration.

Tang Chao spoke

Xie Yu, Director of the Social Research Center of Peking University, delivered a speech from the perspective of the academic value and research methods of social survey. He stressed that it is necessary to keep in mind that “without investigation, there is no right to speak”, and there is heterogeneity among social individuals and families, so it is necessary to objectively and rationally describe social groups and social phenomena through solid investigation and scientific statistics, so that we can understand the reasons and mechanisms behind them, and provide policy basis for social governance.

Xie Yu spoke

Zhang Zhixue introduced the basic situation of the China Social Sciences Survey Center from the aspects of investigation and research, data services, and policy support, as well as the research results in recent years. Zhang Zhixue said that with the support of Peking University and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the center will actively promote the construction of a high-quality scientific data platform and contribute more to the high-quality development of investigation and research.

Zhang Zhixue presided over the meeting

Li Xiaochao, Wang Wei, Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Pang Xun, Professor of School of International Relations of Peking University and Director of the Global Risk Politics Analysis Laboratory, and other experts and scholars exchanged views on the construction of data platforms, investigation and research working methods, and the application of investigation and research in interdisciplinary aspects.
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