“Periodicals” should be a great task and act steadily and far ahead ——The academic journal group of Shanghai Jiaotong University has steadily developed into a better state

On June 28, Clarivate Analytics released the 2021 Journal Citation Report, and the influence level of 12 SCI/SSCI journals of Shanghai Jiao Tong University continued to increase, and 3 journals entered the TOP 50 of domestic journals.

Coordinated development from point to surface

Nano-Micro Letters, as the flagship journal sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has always played a “bellwether” role, providing valuable experience for the establishment and operation of many journals in the university. In the past five years, its impact factor has grown steadily and rapidly, with an average IF of 19.837. In 2021, it reached 23.655. Ranked in the Q1 division in the 3 sub-sectors, all in the top 5% of the division.


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At the same time, the journal’s number of articles increased simultaneously, from 42 in 2016 to 217 in 2021; Highly cited papers and hot papers also performed well in 2021, with 60 at present; A number of journal editorial board members have been selected as global highly cited scientists, and the level of journals has been improved in all aspects.

In 2021, the impact factor of SCI medical journals of Jiaotong University achieved leapfrog development, and the highest increase doubled, with an average increase of nearly 40% in the impact factors of 5 medical journals. Among them, frontiers of medicine’s 2021 impact factor doubled to 9.927, from Q2 to Q1. Translational Neurodegeneration has a 2021 impact factor of 9.883 and continues to hold on to the Q1 camp.

In recent years, Through the implementation of on-campus journal funding programs such as the “Journal Connotation Construction Project” and the “Journal Development Research Fund”, Jiaotong University has given differentiated support to the individual needs of journals, explored the construction path of academic journal service think tanks, and promoted the construction of talent teams for university journals. At the same time, the school combines the problems of a large number of journals, a wide range of disciplines, and scattered editors, starting from the system website, adheres to the digital empowerment of journals, and newly launches the journal cluster platform of Jiaotong University, which greatly enhances the communication ability and service capabilities. Through the content enhancement service based on XML and big data, it provides content services far beyond paper media, such as screen adaptation, reference content enhancement and dynamic reorganization, reusable mathematical formulas and charts, etc., completes the content structure processing of some journals in the past 5 years, realizes the content of article content based on reusable persistent storage and machine-recognizable content indexing, and improves the journal value and reading experience.

New journals of discipline peers bloom

Since being included in SSCI in 2021, the Journal of Management Analytics has ushered in its first impact factor of 6.554, directly entering the Q1 area and becoming a strong domestic SSCI management journal. Relying on the national key disciplines, the journal focuses on big data and commercial data analysis and its application in the fields of business administration, engineering management and medical management, and is the second SSCI journal in Shanghai, and was selected as a “New Journal of High Starting Point for Excellence Action Plan of China Science and Technology Journals” in 2021.

After the Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science received its first impact factor in 2021, it increased to 4.803 this year and won the title of outstanding journal in the field of naval architecture.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University strengthens the innovation and development capabilities of academic journals from multiple points such as academic quality, publication quality, talent team, digital platform, and resource intensification. On the one hand, do a good job of data analysis support based on the journal database, so that the domain selection of journals can really land; On the other hand, we will seriously study the mode and characteristics of international first-class scientific and technological journals, make full use of the strategic cooperation agreements reached by Jiaotong University and Publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, AAAS and other publishing institutions to expand international cooperation, and continue to brew up the establishment of high-level English academic journals to accumulate solid strength for journal construction.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University Journals Group Courtesy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Create a high-level communication platform and talent cluster highland

Academic journals are an important platform for academic research exchanges, and also an important force for promoting theoretical innovation and scientific and technological progress. As the earliest university journal in China, the predecessor of the Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Nanyang Journal, was founded in 1921 and has gone through a century of development. The Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) took the lead in launching the “Red Special Issue” of “Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China” in domestic academic journals. The growth of the impact factor shows the connotative development effectiveness and overall strength of the university’s academic journals to a certain extent.

At present, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has more than 70 academic journals sponsored and participated in, and pays more attention to system and quality assurance while increasing in quantity. In the future, jiaotong university journals will continue to forge ahead, “journal” as a big responsibility, to create a high-level academic research exchange platform and talent cluster highland, give play to the academic organization, talent cohesion, innovation leadership, international influence of the journal, in the collection of international scientific discoveries, leading the development of science and technology, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to send out a strong voice of jiaotong university journals.

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