PhD graduation in 2 years and 4 months! Universities 19 million to introduce 23 Philippine “foreign doctors”

Text | Meng Lingxiao, trainee reporter of China Science Daily

Recently, a public announcement of the introduction of overseas doctors from Shaoyang College in Hunan Province caused an uproar.

According to the announcement, Shaoyang College intends to “introduce” 23 overseas doctors, of which 22 belong to the school staff to “graduate and return to school” and 1 belongs to “off-campus introduction”.

The 23 PhDs all graduated from Adamson University in the Philippines, majoring in philosophy (pedagogy), and the study period was from August 2019 to December 2021, only two years and four months.

The treatment of introducing these doctors can be described as generous: the introduction fee is 350,000 yuan, the scientific research start-up fee is 150,000 yuan, the transitional rental subsidy is 144,000, and the introduction fee is increased by 200,000 yuan without the need to solve the spouse’s work. A single doctor totaled about 844,000 yuan, and 23 doctors exceeded 19 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the announcement released by the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education on November 26, 2021 shows that the center continues to pay attention to the certification data and related reports, and now decides to strengthen the review of the accreditation applications of some institutions from now on, and the above 23 doctoral graduates of Adamson University in the Philippines are prominently listed.

Source: China Study Abroad Network

In response to this “introduction”, the staff of the Party and Government Office of Shaoyang University told the “China Science News” reporter, “There are many people who have called recently, and you are more welcome to come to the school to understand the specific situation.” As of press time, the phone of the school’s teacher work department (personnel office) has not been answered. At present, the above-mentioned introduction publicity has passed the publicity period and can no longer be retrieved.

On July 18, a staff member of the Personnel Office of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education said that a department had stepped in to investigate the matter.

Returning to the furnace and then “introducing”?

The two-year and four-month group study for a doctoral study has been traced back to an initiative by Shaoyang College in June 2019.

At that time, Shaoyang University issued the “Notice on Recruiting Masters to Pursue Doctoral Studies in Foreign Partner Universities of Shaoyang College” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), and decided to recruit a group of outstanding masters to study for doctoral studies in foreign partner universities of the university, and recruited to work in the school after obtaining academic degrees. According to the notice, the number of candidates recruiting masters to study for doctoral studies at the university’s foreign partner universities (City University of Malaysia, etc.) is tentatively set at 20.

Source: Shaoyang University official website

The reporter of China Science Daily contacted an intermediary who has been engaged in study abroad education for a long time on the grounds that there is a need for study. The staff member, who identified himself as Mr. Zhang, said he had been “deeply involved” in Southeast Asia for many years. According to him, Malaysia’s PhD requires an IELTS score of 6.5 or above, which is high, “this is a hard injury”; Graduation is also more difficult, with a PhD requiring at least four years; In terms of price, a PhD in Malaysia is a bit more expensive than in the Philippines.

Curiously, the Circular has clear restrictions on the age of the selectees, requiring them to be born after January 1, 1992. Only one of the 23 overseas doctors met this condition.

Obviously, the content of the Circular has little relevance to the introduction of talents.

After searching, China Science News found a document directly related to the introduction of overseas doctors – Shaoyang University’s “Interim Measures for strengthening the Management of Faculty And Staff Studying Abroad for Doctoral Studies”. The formulation of these interim measures is precisely to strengthen the relevant management of faculty and staff to study for doctoral studies abroad. It stipulates that only the staff of the school can enjoy this policy.

After these employees obtain a doctoral degree within the prescribed time (in principle, no more than five years from enrollment to graduation), they can enjoy the treatment according to the corresponding grade of the doctoral degree introduced in the current year. Moreover, during the period of study, salaries, performance, social insurance and other benefits can be managed in accordance with the agreement with the school.

Invest 19 million yuan to introduce overseas doctors, this funding is more or less for Shaoyang College? For reference, the “2022 Budget Explanation of Shaoyang College” shows that the expenditure budget of the unit in 2022 is 666.1585 million yuan, of which the education expenditure is 664.2065 million yuan and the training expenditure is 800,000 yuan.

The introduction fee for these 23 doctors alone accounts for nearly 3% of the university’s annual budget.

Moreover, the scale of working faculty members studying abroad for PhDs is much more than that. The Faculty Work Department of Shaoyang University published an article on the school’s official website on March 2, 2021, which mentioned that the school has 1474 full-time teachers, including 1206 with master’s degrees or above, including 224 with doctoral degrees (50 external doctorates) and 186 doctoral students (including 153 Maffei doctoral students).

So, why did Shaoyang Academy spare no effort to do this operation? In fact, the above-mentioned interim measures mention this, in addition to strengthening the construction of the school’s teaching team and improving the academic degree of teachers, there is also a major reason, that is, to ensure the smooth passage of the master’s authorized unit.

It is understood that in the yongzhou, Chenzhou and Shaoyang areas of southwest Hunan Province, only Shaoyang College has two master’s degree programs, which are mechanical, biological and pharmaceutical professional categories.

However, the two professional degree points of Shaoyang University are only two projects within the framework of the “Talent Training Project for Serving the Special Needs of the State”, and although they have the qualifications for master’s degree recruitment, they are not yet official master’s degree authorized units. Only by becoming a master’s degree authorized unit can the school officially apply to the Ministry of Education to expand the number of degree points.

“Rooted in the Philippines, serving all of China”

For faculty and staff, improving their academic qualifications is the only way to evaluate their titles. Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, have become the first choice for many university faculty and staff.

According to the China Ministry of Education’s Education Foreign-related Regulatory Information Network, students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in the Philippines can obtain a postgraduate diploma if they continue to study for one or two years; A master’s degree can be obtained by studying for two years and submitting a dissertation (the Master of Education can be in both languages). On this basis, you can continue to study for two years and obtain a doctorate degree through the defense of an open thesis.

On the official website of the Adamson University of the Philippines Chinese, it will be convenient to evaluate the title and “ultra-short academic system”, free entrance examination, low cost, etc. as the advantages of the project: study for 2-3 years to obtain a doctorate, stay in the Philippines for a full year, the degree can directly obtain the Chinese Ministry of Education academic certification, solve the problem of title and promotion, enjoy the returnee policy, buy a car and start a business tax exemption, settle in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities.

In the face of the high demand for master’s and doctoral degrees, the industry of “wholesale” study abroad is also booming.

According to Mr. Zhang, the PhD in the Philippines is “the most cost-effective in the world”, and his institution focuses on the Philippine study abroad program, and the customer population is mainly college teachers. According to its official website, the study abroad institution has more than ten years of experience in Philippine study abroad services, with a total of more than 3,000 international students, and the slogan of the institution is “rooted in the Philippines, serving all of China”.

In response to the high price of Shaoyang College’s “introduction” of 23 Philippine “foreign doctors”, Teacher Zhang said that it may not be a matchmaking between study abroad intermediaries, because Shaoyang College once had a student surnamed Huang who participated in the institution’s Philippine doctoral program in 2012, and now he is a visiting professor at Adamson University in the Philippines and may participate in the organization of doctoral activities.

However, Adamson University, the alma mater of the 23 Ph.D., is not recommended by the study abroad service. The reason is that the school has too many Chinese and has been named by the Ministry of Education. “Let’s choose a service network that can be found, and there are not many people on OK.”

Can you successfully graduate with a PhD? Teacher Zhang responded, “For so many years, there are basically no students hanging, and they can always find a way.” ”

Screenshot of the circle of friends of teacher Zhang, a study abroad agent

He introduced that the difficulty of this kind of study abroad for a doctoral degree mainly lies in two aspects, one is language, and the other is time.

“If the English level is OK, it is not too much of a problem to read a phD in a professional counterpart.” At present, the regular majors of education and business administration of the institution have independent special classes, which are opened for Chinese students, and the online services are in place, equipped with online course translation assistants, homework tutoring and other services.

During the study abroad period, English essay writing has a high threshold. Teacher Zhang said, “You can write it all out in Chinese, find a professional translator to translate, it may be one or two thousand yuan, up to three thousand yuan.” ”

In terms of doctoral study time, the Philippines is widely favored because of its short academic system. “Because what we are doing is a regular full-time study abroad, we will definitely have to go out after the epidemic is over, but at present, we are mostly using online courses.”

Teacher Zhang added that the external quotation of the independent special class is 168,000, and because the Hunan region is “rotten and the price is transparent”, it can give a preferential price of 138,000 packages of application materials. The Doctor of Education program at a University in the Philippines will open on the 15th of next month, and the institution will provide full service from pick-up to the translation of thesis. ”

How to prevent it?

In response to this matter, Chen Zhiwen, a member of the Academic Committee of the China Education Development Strategy Society, believes that it is true that some people cannot stop exploiting loopholes, but this incident is an organized behavior of the school.

In November 2021, the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education announced that the center continued to pay attention to certification data and related reports, and should strengthen the review of accreditation applications of some institutions, including Adamson University in the Philippines.

However, strengthening the certification review does not mean that certification will not be certified, but during the review period, the certification period will be extended accordingly, in principle, no more than 60 working days. To this day, Adamson University is still one of the 36 recommended colleges and universities in the Philippine Higher Education Commission’s list of philippine colleges and universities.

Chen Zhiwen told China Science News that the essence of the accreditation of the Study Abroad Service Center is to verify the authenticity and qualification of the diplomas of relevant schools according to the rules of various countries on the governance of universities, and is not qualified to judge their quality. The Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education is not the United Nations Ministry of Education, is not the United Nations Educational Quality Certification Center, and has no power to determine the quality of diplomas from other countries.

Chen Zhiwen said that we can not engage in birth discrimination, for example, for the academic qualifications of this university in the Philippines, we can not easily question its gold content, but the use of state funds to “mass training doctors”, it is still necessary to ask more questions: is it compliant?





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