Professor Haixin Duan of Tsinghua University was elected Vice Chair of ICANN UASG

Recently, the Generally Accepted Steering Group (UASG) under the management of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that Professor Duan Haixin of the Network Research Institute of Tsinghua University was elected Vice Chairman of UASG. In the next two years, Professor Duan Haixin will lead UASG’s global work together with UASG Chairman Anil Jain (CEO of India Internet Exchange).

UASG announced by email that Professor Haixin Duan was elected Vice President

ICANN’s “One World, One Internet” philosophy requires that the Internet should accept multiple languages, including Chinese, but many Internet applications and devices currently do not support international multilingual domain names and email addresses such as Chinese domain names. Universal Acceptance (UA) requires that all valid domain names and email addresses, including Chinese domain names and Chinese email addresses, be correctly and consistently accepted and processed by all applications, devices and systems of the Internet.
The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) was formed by ICANN in 2015, a community-led, industry-wide working group tasked with raising awareness and identifying and addressing issues related to universal acceptance of domain names and ensuring a consistent and positive Internet experience for Internet users worldwide. The UASG is comprised of working groups, local agencies, UA ambassadors, and more than 500 different organizations, business representatives, and the ICANN community, funded by ICANN.
The research results of Professor Duan Haixin and his team in the field of Internet infrastructure security have extensive influence in the field of international cybersecurity, especially in the security of the domain name system and email system. Professor Duan said that the UASG will work with Internet standardization organizations, software developers, service providers and the entire Internet community to promote a more inclusive Internet, support a wider range of languages and scripts, while reducing security risks in the process, so that Internet users in various countries can choose their own domain names and email addresses in their own languages and experience the full capabilities of the Internet.

UA work covers all aspects of Internet industry, education and research, and needs to be promoted by the global Internet community, including academia, standards and industry. Professor Duan Haixin’s election as the vice chairman of UASG this time is conducive to the deeper integration of academia and the Internet industry, reflects the increasing strength and influence of China in the Internet field, and is conducive to China’s technical community to make more contributions to the global application deployment and development of international Internet technology.
(Original title: Professor Duan Haixin of Network Research Institute of Tsinghua University Elected Vice Chair of ICANN UASG)
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