Professor Jiang Rongfeng was posthumously awarded the “Dali Model”

On March 24, the third “Dali Model” and the fifth “Dali Top Ten Most Beautiful People” award party were held in Dali City, and the late Professor Jiang Rongfeng of the College of Resources and Environment of China Agricultural University was posthumously awarded the third “Dali Model” at the award party.

Portrait of Professor Jiang Rongfeng. Photo courtesy of China Agricultural University

Dali Prefecture produced the third “Dali Model” advanced individual award poster for Jiang Rongfeng. Photo courtesy of China Agricultural University
Jiang Rongfeng is a well-known plant nutrition and fertilizer scientist in China, agricultural educator, the head of Quzhou Experimental Station, the vice president of the National Institute of Agricultural Green Development of China Agricultural University, and the president of Dali Branch. Jiang Rongfeng has long been engaged in scientific research in soil testing, nutrient management, environmental pollution plant remediation, etc., presided over a number of major national and international cooperation projects, and achieved outstanding results in many aspects such as soil testing formula fertilization and nutrient management technology research and application, medium and trace element nutrient synergy mechanism and technology research and development.
As one of the founders of the Small Institute of Science and Technology, he explored the postgraduate training mechanism of the Small Institute of Science and Technology integrating “scientific and technological innovation, talent training and social service”, won the National Education and Teaching Achievement Award, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the reform of the national postgraduate training mode of agricultural professional degrees. Founded the China-Africa Science and Technology Small Institute, promoted the construction of China’s modern agricultural production technology to serve the “Belt and Road” countries, and was selected as a typical case of international poverty reduction by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
In February 2022, Jiang Rongfeng founded the Gusheng Village Science and Technology Small Institute with Zhang Fusuo. Since then, he has been based in Dali, Yunnan Province to carry out scientific research. On November 19, 2022, Jiang Rongfeng died of a sudden heart attack in Dali, Yunnan Province at the age of 60.
After Jiang Rongfeng’s death, the Dali Prefecture Party Committee and Prefecture Government spoke highly of Jiang Rongfeng, and in November 2022, Jiang Rong posthumously awarded Jiang Rong at the third “Dali Model” advanced individual award ceremony held on March 24, and also released the song “Did You See Him” specially written by Dali Prefecture to mourn Jiang Rongfeng, “Did you see him / The morning dew has thoughts to convey / The seed quietly sprouted last night / I want to surprise him…”

At the third “Dali Model” award ceremony, Zhang Fusuo spoke on stage and recalled Jiang Rongfeng. Photo courtesy of China Agricultural University
Zhang Fusuo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor at the College of Resources and Environment of China Agricultural University, said: “Jiang Rongfeng is my closest comrade-in-arms, and he has devoted his life to major national actions such as soil testing formula fertilization, poverty alleviation and green development. In particular, the ‘Science and Technology Small Institute’ initiated by us together serves farmers with ‘zero distance, zero time difference, zero threshold, and zero cost’, and is deeply loved by teachers, classmates and ordinary people. In the past two decades, he has devoted his time and energy to the development of modern agriculture in Huanghuaihai and the increase of farmers’ production and income in Quzhou County. The year before last, the two of us came to Dali together and started the great action of the ‘Erhai Science and Technology Conference Battle’, he lived in Gusheng Village more than 200 days a year, ‘patrolled the lake’ every morning to check the water quality, went into the village every day to plan various work, and contributed everything he had to the protection of Erhai and increase farmers’ income. His loss is a great loss for us, and I am deeply saddened and unable to recover. We must inherit and carry forward his spirit, accomplish his great cause, and win the Erhai Campaign well. ”
Shen Qikun, a 2021 master’s student at China Agricultural University’s College of Resources and Environment, is a student of Jiang Rongfeng, and he can still clearly remember many students surrounding his tutor to look at the photos on his mobile phone. Shen Qikun always felt that the mentor was still around, he said: “To inherit Mr. Jiang’s legacy, we must protect Erhai well, I will study harder, carry out research on the difficult problems of non-point source pollution in the Erhai River Basin, explore a green and high-value development path suitable for China, and live up to Mr. Jiang’s expectations.” ”
Hu Xiaokang, deputy dean of the School of Agronomy and Biological Sciences of Dali University, is a 2011 Ph.D. Jiang Rongfeng who came to Dali to work after graduating with a doctorate and worked for 12 years. He was deeply pleased that Dali Prefecture posthumously awarded Jiang Rongfeng the “Dali Model”, believing that “this is a high honor awarded to Teacher Jiang by the government and people of Dali Prefecture”.
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