Professor of Jiangnan University won the special award of China Youth Science and Technology Award for the first time

Recently, the World Young Scientists Summit was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Professor Fan Daming of the School of Food Science of Jiangnan University was awarded the “17th China Youth Science and Technology Award Special Award” for his outstanding performance in the basic theoretical research and technology development of microwave food processing technology, as well as the positive contributions made in the green transformation of the food industry and the strategic development of aerospace food, and participated in the youth dialogue at the opening ceremony of the summit as the only representative of the award.

Fan Daming participated in the Summit Youth Dialogue. Photo courtesy of Jiangnan University

The China Youth Science and Technology Award was established in 1987 under the proposal of Qian Xuesen and other scientists of the older generation, and was selected every two years, with no more than 100 commendations per session, and with the approval of the central government, a special award of the China Youth Science and Technology Award was added in 2015, and no more than 10 winners were selected for each session.

On October 31, the Mengtian experimental module successfully docked with the Tianhe core module. In the Mengtian test module, technical experiments such as in-orbit cultivation of microalgae and in-situ maturation of food will be carried out, which involves the food microwave in-situ maturation device developed by Fan Daming, which is also an important part of the aerospace basic test cabinet in the Mengtian experimental module, and will travel in space with the Mengtian experimental module.

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