Professors have a bad relationship with doctoral students! Southwestern University responded late at night

On the evening of January 25, the official Weibo of Southwest University @Southwest University was released“Explanation of the situation of the Weibo account “Weiquan Xuesheng 228″ reflecting related problems on the Internet”

Recently, I have paid attention to a doctoral student of our university (Weibo account “Weiquan Xuesheng 228”) to report relevant problems on the Internet, and the relevant situation is explained as follows:

On the issue of reflecting Zhao’s moral style and teaching style. On September 16, 2022, the student reported to the school that his supervisor, Professor Zhao of the Law School, had questions related to him. The school attached great importance to it and immediately set up a working group to conduct an investigation. After investigation, Zhao had an improper relationship with the existence and had serious problems with teacher morality and teaching style. After the study of the school, it was decided to give Zhao the following disciplinary sanctions: cancellation of graduate tutor qualification, transfer from teaching position, downgrading of post, and reporting to the competent department for approval to revoke teacher qualification. The above disposition sanctions have taken effect. On December 8, 2022, the school will officially inform the student of the result of Zhao’s punishment.

On the issue of reflecting that a doctorate cannot be awarded. According to the relevant documents, applicants for doctoral degrees must complete the courses and links specified in the training program and achieve innovative results in scientific research. The innovative research results submitted by the student are reviewed by the academic committee of the discipline in which the degree is applied, and it is deemed that the basic requirements for applying for the innovative achievements of the doctoral degree in the discipline are not met, and the doctoral degree is not granted. According to relevant regulations, the student can first apply for a doctoral graduation certificate, meet the basic requirements for innovative achievements of doctoral degrees in the discipline within the specified study period, and then apply for the awarding of doctoral degrees. The mentor group will strengthen its help and guidance.

The school strictly abides by the relevant documentation requirements to ensure the quality of postgraduate training. Attach great importance to the building of teachers’ morality and teaching style, always adhere to “zero tolerance” for the problem of teachers’ morality and norms, and resolutely deal with it strictly in accordance with laws and regulations. I would like to thank the community for their care and supervision of the school.

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