Progress has been made in the research of on-chip infrared photoelectric logic gate intelligent chips

Recently, Hu Weida’s team from the Key Laboratory of Infrared Science and Technology (State Key Laboratory of Infrared Physics) of the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with the Hangzhou Advanced Research Institute of the University of Science and Technology and the team of Zhejiang University, have made important progress in the research of on-chip infrared optoelectronic logic gate smart chips. The results were published in Nature Photonics under the title “On-chip optoelectronic logic gates operating in the telecom band”. This work was supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

The research team designed a multi-waveguide infrared optical signal transmission structure on a silicon-based optoelectronic chip, and realized a variety of two-digit Boolean logic gates and combined logic functions in the short-wave infrared communication band by manipulating the photoelectric switching characteristics of van der Waals infrared detection unit. Based on the design idea of joint local field control, a single prototype device obtains the effect of cascading multiple units, which greatly improves the integration of infrared optoelectronic logic intelligent chips, and the prepared van der Waals heterojunction prototype chip has high-bandwidth multi-channel infrared signal processing capabilities. Furthermore, the team verified the potential applications of the on-chip infrared optoelectronic logic gate smart chip in the field of image processing and communication, and demonstrated its application effect in target edge extraction, symbol recognition, infrared image fusion, encryption and decryption scenarios. This work is expected to promote the development of the next generation of new optoelectronic logic computing intelligent chips. (Source: Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Demonstration diagram of the on-chip infrared photoelectric logic gate smart chip and its application

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