Progress was made in research on whiteness and genetic diversity

Recently, Luo Xiaomei, associate professor of the College of Forestry of Sichuan Agricultural University, published a research paper entitled “Studying the Genetic Diversity of White and Genus Based on SLAF-seq and Oligo-FISH” in the genetics journal Genes.

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Courtesy of College of Forestry, Sichuan Agricultural University

As a medicinal and food homologous plant, white has extremely important research value. However, with the increase in demand for dialogue and resources, wild whites and resources have been greatly damaged. To this end, through cytogenetic analysis of three whites and a total of 16 materials of white and genus, the cytology data of white and genus were obtained, which filled the gap of previous white and genus chromosomal data. By SLAF sequencing, 16 white and materials were clustered from a molecular point of view. The results of this study can provide theoretical support for the breeding of white and genus in the future, which is conducive to the protection of white and resources. (Source: China Science Daily, Zhang Qingdan, Han Qinglong)

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