Publicity! Fujian Institute of Technology, will be renamed the university

On February 10, the Department of Education of Fujian Province issued the “Announcement on the Establishment of the First Batch of Universities to be Declared in 2023”, publicizing the proposed declaration to the Ministry of Education for the renaming of Fujian Institute of Technology to Fujian University of Technology.

According to the basic information table of the first batch of universities to be declared in 2023, Fujian Institute of Technology applied for the establishment of a school named “Fujian University of Technology”, the location of the school is located in Fuzhou, there are 20,945 full-time students, a campus area of 2,012.4 mu, a building area of 695,800 square meters, teaching instruments and equipment worth 496,258,000 yuan, 2,306,200 books, and 1,326 full-time teachers.
Fujian Institute of Technology
Fujian Institute of Technology is located in the historical and cultural city of Fuzhou, known as the gateway of the “Maritime Silk Road”, which originated in 1896 in the late Qing Dynasty and founded the “Cangxia Fine House” by the famous village sages Chen Bi, Sun Baoying, Lijun, the famous Fujian squire Lin Shu and the last imperial master Chen Baochen, which opened the wind of modern education in Fuzhou. In 1907, engineering education began to be held, and two subjects, railway and telegraphy, were opened, and before liberation, it was a well-known “Fujian senior engineer”. After 1953, it was separated into Fujian Mechanical and Electrical School and Fujian Construction Engineering College, and changed its name several times over time, and was renamed Fujian Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Fujian Institute of Architecture and Engineering in 1960, which was known as Fujian’s “Huangpu Military Academy in the construction industry” and “the cradle of mechanical and electrical engineers”. In 2000, Fujian Advanced Industrial College and Fujian China Vocational University merged to form Fujian Vocational and Technical College, and in 2002, Fujian Architecture College and Fujian Vocational and Technical College were merged and upgraded to Fujian Institute of Technology. In 2013, it was approved as a master’s degree authorization unit, added as a key construction university in Fujian Province, and in 2018, it was selected as an exemplary application-oriented undergraduate college in Fujian Province, a doctoral degree awarding and cultivation unit in Fujian Province, and a first-class discipline construction university in Fujian Province. In 2021, it was approved as a new round of Fujian Province doctoral degree awarding cultivation unit.
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