Research on perovskite quantum dots/cholesteric phase liquid crystal circular polarization lasers is progressing

Recently, Hu Xiaowen, an associate researcher in the team of Professor Zhou Guofu of the South China Institute of Advanced Optoelectronics of South China Normal University, cooperated with Dr. Wang Kai of Pennsylvania State University, Lakshminarayana Polavarap, a professor at the University of Vigo in Spain, and Jiang Xiaofang, a researcher at the School of Physics of Chinese Normal University, to achieve significant research results in the field of perovskite quantum dots and cholesteric liquid crystal composites and functional devices. The results were published in Advanced Materials.

Preparation process and circular polarization mechanism of flexible laser thin film device. Photo courtesy of the research team

Circularly polarized coherent light sources have great potential in optical applications such as 3D display/imaging, data encryption transmission and processing, and quantum communication. However, circularly polarized lasers with high asymmetric factors that can be emitted directly without the help of external optics are rarely reported.

Based on the selective reflection of cholesteric liquid crystals and the high luminescence efficiency of perovskite quantum dots, Hu Xiaowen’s research group developed a new strategy to achieve direct exit of circularly polarized lasers with high asymmetric factors. A Fabry–Pérot (F–P) resonator was constructed by using a bilayer dextrocholester-phase liquid crystal, and right-handed amplified spontaneous radiation with an asymmetric factor of up to 1.4 was detected under 800nm femtosecond laser pumping. The entire layer of the device is treated with a solution, so that the device exhibits superflexibility, and after 100 bends of 180 degrees, the intensity of amplified spontaneous radiation remains unchanged.

The results of this study realize the first time to realize the high asymmetric factor circular-polarization amplification spontaneous radiation of flexible films based on perovskite quantum dots and cholester-phase liquid crystals, which opens up a new way for the development of perovskite materials in the field of circularly polarized lasers. (Source: China Science News Zhu Hanbin)

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