Scientists have made breakthroughs in the field of vascular development

Cover of Cell Research, April 2022. Courtesy of the Lan Yu team

The Lan Yu team of the School of Basic Medicine and Public Health of Jinan University cooperated with the team of Liu Bing of the Department of Hematology of the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital and the team of Tang Fuzhi of Peking University to make breakthroughs in the field of vascular development. The study was published in the form of a cover paper in Cell Research in April 2022. This is another important scientific discovery after the collaborative team published a cover paper in the journal in 2020.

Combining a variety of cutting-edge technologies (single-cell transcriptome sequencing and dual homologous recombinant genetic lineage tracing), involving different species (humans and mice), the single-cell level comprehensively decoded the heterogeneity of endothelial cells and arteriovenous specialization in the early stages of mammalian vascular development from the three levels of transcriptome, immunophenotyping and cell fate: it clarified the molecular characteristics, anatomical distribution, and origin of two types of arterial endothelial cells with different origins in mammalian embryos Reveals the earliest occurrences and most widespread venous-arterial fate transformation events during embryonic development.

Related studies have constructed a new model of molecular characteristics and arteriovenous specialization of early vascular endothelial cells in the embryo. In addition, the study provided valuable database resources for the field of vascular biology (including single-cell full transcriptome data from more than 10,000 endothelial cells sampled from 108 mouse embryos and 8 human embryos) and mouse models (including newly constructed 2 pan-arterial endothelial reporter gene mouse models and 2 venous endothelial lineage tracer mouse models).

Joseph C. Wu, an expert in the field of cardiovascular and a professor at Stanford University, affirmed the importance and significance of the study in the analysis of the first arterial generation event during mammalian embryonic development in a special article in the same journal. He noted that “while angiogenesis is widely studied, arterigenesis is also receiving increasing attention in the field of regenerative medicine, because arteries are more effective at restoring damaged circulation than capillaries”; “analyzing how vascular endothelial cells acquire arterial properties is key to understanding arterigenesis”; “research helps to focus on the future focus on revealing the trigger mechanism of arterial specialization and its potential value in disease treatment”.

It is understood that Dr. Hou Siyuan of the Postdoctoral Mobile Station of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Jinan University, Dr. Li Zongcheng of the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital, Dr. Dong Ji and Dr. Gao Yun of the School of Life Sciences of Peking University, and Chang Zhilin and Ding Xiaochen, doctoral students of the Academy of Military Medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences, are the co-first authors of the paper. Jinan University is the first completion unit. (Source: China Science Daily Zhu Hanbin)

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