Scientists have proposed a measuring device for the ability of water to transport sand

Recently, the team of Yuan Zaijian, a researcher at the Institute of Eco-Environment and Soil Research, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, systematically studied the influence of soil sand content on the sand transport capacity of slope water, innovatively proposed a measuring device for water flow and sand transport capacity, and proved the accuracy of the test device through indoor simulation tests and numerical simulations. The results were published in the International Study of Soil and Water Conservation.

The sand transport capacity varies with slope under typical flow conditions. Photo courtesy of the research team

The researchers measured the maximum sand content of water flow from 2-3 L/min typical flow and steep slope (25°) to gentle slope (5°), and obtained sand content data of water flow greater than 1000 kg/m3, revealing the process and mechanism of forming high sand content in erosion troughs, and clarifying the mechanism of soil sand content on the formation of high erosion modulus. Then, the functional relationship between sand transport capacity, water flow and slope is established through regression analysis, and the sand transport capacity of fine ditches is accurately predicted, which provides model parameters for soil erosion prediction.

In terms of research methods, the researchers also used the method of sand supply trough to significantly increase the measurement accuracy and measurement efficiency of sand transport capacity, and used the test device of indoor simulation experiment to measure the water flow and sand transport capacity under typical water flow flow and slope conditions, and verified the formation conditions of high sand content. At the same time, the functional relationship between water flow sand transport capacity and slope, flow rate and sand grain content is established through the measurement data, which provides a scientific basis for calculating the parameters of sand transport capacity and a new research method for the study of erosion mechanism.

The above research is supported by Guangdong Provincial Key R&D Program, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Program and other projects. The first author of the research paper is Dr. Feng Ren, Institute of Eco-Environment and Soil Research, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, and the corresponding author is Yuan Zaijian. (Source: China Science News Zhu Hanbin)

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