Shanghai Jiao Tong University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen University

From May 4th to 5th, President Ding Kuiling of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and his entourage went to Shenzhen for research, inspected universities, alumni enterprises and local research institutes, and held talks with the main leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and alumni representatives. Former President Lin Zhongqin and Vice President Zhang Ansheng participated in the survey together.

At Southern University of Science and Technology, the delegation visited the School of Engineering and the cryo-EM Center, and inspected the construction of mechanical laboratories and public instrument platforms. President Xue Qikun met with the research delegation. The two sides held a discussion on student training, scientific research and innovation, talent team construction, and college system construction. Ding Kuiling said that SUSTech, as a national experimental school for comprehensive reform of higher education, has boldly explored systems and mechanisms, kept integrity and innovation in cross-cutting talent training, and formed many successful experiences that can be used for reference, bringing many enlightenments to the development of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and hopes to further deepen exchanges and cooperation in the future. Xue Qikun said that as a comprehensive, innovative and international university, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Southern University of Science and Technology have many directions for in-depth cooperation, and hope that the two sides will jointly explore new models of talent training and scientific research and innovation.


At Shenzhen University, the delegation visited the University History Exhibition Hall and held discussions. Li Qingquan, Secretary of the Party Committee of SJTU, welcomed the delegation of SJTU and expressed his gratitude to SJTU for its long-term support and help to Shenzhen University. President Mao Junfa introduced the development status and future layout of Shenzhen University, and hoped that the two sides would further deepen cooperation and seek common development. Ding Kuiling spoke highly of Shenzhen University’s achievements in running and governing the school in the past 40 years, and looked forward to the brilliant creation of a different Shenzhen University. Lin Zhongqin congratulated Shenzhen University on its rapid development in terms of talents and scientific research, and hoped that Mao Junfa, Li Yonghua and other Jiaotong University alumni working at Shenzhen University would better play the role of a bridge and achieve win-win cooperation between the north and the south. At the symposium, Vice Presidents Zhang Ansheng and Zhou Hui signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two universities under the witness of the leaders of both sides.

The delegation also held talks with relevant government departments, and Qin Weizhong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, attended the meeting. The two sides exchanged views on the construction, enrollment and employment of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shenzhen Research Institute, and the transformation of scientific research achievements. Qin Weizhong affirmed the contribution of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to Shenzhen’s reform and development, and put forward expectations for the industry research institute and industrial innovation research institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University Shenzhen Research Institute to serve the future development of Shenzhen. Ding Kuiling said that since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shenzhen in 2011, it has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in scientific research, economic and trade industry, talent exchange and training, etc., and hopes that the two sides will continue to promote the interaction and symbiosis between the city and the university, and help the majority of alumni and scientific research workers play a great role in Shenzhen. Lin Zhongqin said that Shenzhen is a dynamic city, and the two sides have established a deep friendship in long-term cooperation, and hope to use the Shenzhen Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University as the carrier to promote deeper campus-local cooperation.

During the deep period, Ding Kuiling and Lin Zhongqin also met with Professor Zheng Yongnian and Yang Yuanqing alumni, visited alumni enterprises such as Yuntian Lifei and Mindray Medical, and held discussions with Shenzhen Research Institute and Shenzhen Alumni Association. Comrades from relevant functional departments and departments of the school participate in relevant activities.
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