Shantou University held the 2022 Graduation Ceremony and Award Ceremony

Graduation ceremony site. Courtesy of Li Qiantong

Hao Zhifeng, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of Shantou University, delivered a speech. Courtesy of Li Qiantong

On the evening of June 26, the 2022 graduation ceremony and award ceremony of Shantou University was held in front of the university’s administrative building, and the ceremony opened with the interactive performance of “Phoenix Take-off” and Wei fenggu created by holographic projection technology. It is reported that more than 4,300 graduates have officially graduated from Shantou University this year, and they are about to go to distant places to embark on a new journey in life.

“May everyone have wind and bone, and have strength and responsibility.” At the graduation ceremony, Hao Zhifeng, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of Shantou University, delivered a speech. He said that from the farmland where cauliflowers flew, to the “experimental field” of higher education reform, and then to the “high-yield field” of Lide Shuren, generations of Shantou people have developed and strengthened schools, and they have played a song and made great progress. The development of the school is the strength and strength of the students to open a new situation and seize the opportunity, in our blood and genes, do not forget the original intention of running the school, work hard and work hard, and the world is working together at all times, and the operation hero is more united.

“Life is like a chess piece, follow the trend rationally, in order to be able to go steady and far- Hao Zhifeng encouraged the graduates of Shantou University to become a new generation of people who aspire to strengthen the country and have a heart for the people, and be the leader of the new era; To become a new generation of people who have the knowledge to break through themselves and challenge the limits, and to be the creators of the new era; To become a new generation of people who have persistent original intentions and firm ideals, and be game breakers in the new era; We must become a new generation of people who are promising in the digital economy and national rejuvenation, and be the leader of the new era.

The ceremony specially invited Lin Long, director of the Naval Staff Department of the Southern Theater, to teach a valuable lesson in national defense education to the graduates of Shantou University in 2022. He encouraged the graduates of Shantou University to grasp the needs of the country in the new world pattern, stir up the power of knowledge and technology, assume the responsibility of the times, strive to practice patriotic deeds, and live up to the mission of the times and the expectations of the people. At the same time, I hope that more outstanding students of Shantou University can actively devote themselves to national defense and join the Navy, “go to the deep blue together, embrace the sea, and raise the sails of youth for the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.” ”

“Everything in life must be done by itself, and stepping through the country is a few contours.” Pan Senwei, the 2022 Shantou University Medal winner and the 2018 law school of the Law School (Mingde College) (foreign-related legal English special class), spoke as a representative of the graduates, telling his growth and gains on the road to Shantou University. With the tenacity of “rope sawing and cutting wood and wearing water droplets and stones”, she and her teammates went from the national championship of the “Jessep” China Division to the top 32 of the global competition, setting a record that the Chinese team had rarely achieved in the history of international competitions.

Pan Senwei said that the fertile land of Shantou University has created unlimited opportunities for the growth of students in Guangdong University, and she will bear in mind the school’s earnest teachings, continue to set sail with the love of law, and strive to become a rule of law talent in the new era with both family and country feelings and international vision, and greatly useful to the country and society, and contribute to the construction of a socialist country ruled by law.

It is understood that in recent years, Shantou University has vigorously promoted high-level scientific research and discipline construction, the existing pathology and pathophysiology of the national key disciplines 1, 7 disciplines into the ESI global top 1% ranks, Guangdong Province high-level university key construction disciplines 5, Guangdong Province key disciplines 8, and cultivated a group of “aspiring, knowledgeable, persistent, promising” young students, in the “Challenge Cup” national college students extracurricular academic and scientific and technological works competition, China’s “Internet +” college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition has repeatedly achieved good results.

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