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On the afternoon of February 14, Yang Hong, President of Shenzhen Global Ocean Center City Construction Promotion Association, and his entourage came to Ocean University of China to conduct research on the school’s marine discipline setting, sea-related scientific research projects, talent team construction and international exchanges, and discuss future cooperation opportunities. President Yu Zhigang, Vice President Wei Zhiqiang, and Assistant Principal Zhou Shanshan accompanied the investigation.

On behalf of the school, Yu Zhigang welcomed Yang Hong and his entourage. He pointed out that in recent years, the school’s discipline construction has achieved rapid development, marine science, fisheries disciplines continue to maintain a leading position in China, biology, food science and engineering have also entered the forefront of China, the next step Ocean University of China will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the school’s sea-related disciplines, strive for the Ocean University of China Shenzhen Research Institute can land, actively participate in the development of Shenzhen marine industry, and help Shenzhen global ocean center city construction.

Yang Hong thanked the school for its long-term strong support for the development of Shenzhen at the symposium. He pointed out that he hopes that the Shenzhen Research Institute of Ocean University of China will be implemented as soon as possible and play an important role in the construction of marine museums, deep-sea research centers, and the development of marine emerging industry bases; At the same time, we hope to understand the information and support in related fields, and find cooperation possibilities in the transformation of achievements, industrial cultivation, investment, etc., to help the construction of Shenzhen Ocean New City. He said that the Expo held in Shenzhen will showcase the latest achievements of the country’s marine economic development, and it is also a platform for marine cultural exchanges, inviting Ocean University of China to continue to participate in the Expo.


At the symposium, Dong Junyu, Director of the School of Information Science and Engineering, Zhang Yuzhong, Dean of the College of Marine Life, and Zhang Meng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Fisheries, introduced the disciplinary advantages, talent teams and R&D platforms of their respective colleges, and put forward suggestions for the development of marine industry around marine electronic information, marine ecological environment, high-value utilization of marine biological resources and intelligent breeding according to the development needs of Shenzhen. Yu Jingjing, Deputy Director of the Development and Planning Department of the University, introduced the setting of marine disciplines, talent team construction, talent training and international exchanges, and Wei Junfeng, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department, introduced the highlights of the school’s scientific research work and the transformation of achievements, and the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on relevant content.

Before the symposium, Yang Hong and his entourage visited the Qingdao Institute of Marine Biomedicine and the Institute for Advanced Study of Oceans. Shenzhen Global Ocean Center City Construction Promotion Association, Marine Planning and Resources Management Office of Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Jianfa Marine Industry Development Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone attended the event, including the Party Committee Office, President’s Office, Science and Technology Office, Development Planning Office, Domestic Cooperation Office, Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, College of Marine Life, College of Fisheries, Qingdao Institute of Marine Biomedicine, Ocean University of China Alumni Association Shenzhen Branch and other units.
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