Shenzhen University opens its first overseas branch in Japan

The most beautiful cherry blossom season in Tokyo

Deep is coming!

School of Tokyo, Shenzhen University

Classes will officially start on April 11

The entrance ceremony for new students will be held on April 20

The Chinese dean and faculty members selected by Shenzhen University will travel to Japan in the near future, and before leaving, Shenzhen University Vice President Zhang Xueji will have a discussion with the faculty members. He said that the establishment of the Tokyo College of Shenzhen University is an important measure in the internationalization process of Shenzhen University. SJTU will fully support the development of the Institute of Tokyo, provide the necessary resources and support for the School, and help the School continue to develop and grow. He believes that with the joint efforts of all parties, Tokyo Institute will become a world-class educational institution and contribute to education and people-to-people exchanges between China and Japan.


Shenzhen University Tokyo College is jointly organized by Shenzhen University and SPRIX Co., Ltd. of Japan, and is the first institution established by Shenzhen University overseas. Located in Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, the school is a non-independent teaching institute affiliated with Shenzhen University, which mainly recruits Japanese citizens and other foreign citizens. The University of Tokyo has established a seven-member Sino-Japanese Joint Management Committee to be responsible for the planning, coordination, organization, decision-making and supervision of the Institute. Zhang Xueji, Vice President of Shenzhen University, serves as the director, and Hiroyuki Tsuneishi, chairman of SPIRX Co., Ltd., serves as the deputy director.


The School of Tokyo of Shenzhen University mainly carries out undergraduate level academic education, with a duration of 4 years, and the first batch of Chinese language and literature (business direction) majors, planning to enroll 50 students. Students can also minor in Business Administration (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and Information and Communication Science (Mobile Internet Application Technology), and students can add a minor major to the bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature, and after graduation, they will receive a certificate and bachelor’s degree from Shenzhen University. In the future, according to the local education demand, Shenzhen University will open other advantageous and characteristic majors, such as financial technology and computer science, and gradually expand the enrollment scale, and it is expected that the number of students in Tokyo College will reach 350 after the four-year training period.


In addition to language proficiency scholarships and academic scholarships, the School will also provide scholarships for students who actively participate in the Shenzhen University Headquarters Program, as well as short-term exchange scholarships for students who actively participate in Shenzhen University’s main campus program. In addition to studying in Japan, Tokyo College encourages students to actively participate in the summer camp activities of Shenzhen University, and can also apply for exchange study at the main campus, through local study, apply what they have learned, and experience the most authentic Chinese culture and history.


Characteristics of the school

1. Rich scholarship programs, as well as a skipping system for outstanding students who have passed HSK level 4 or 5 and related entrance examinations;

2. Internship opportunities and executive lectures of Fortune 500 companies;

3. Characteristic sub-majors: two sub-majors: business administration (innovation and entrepreneurship direction, issued by the School of Management of Shenzhen University) and information and communication science (mobile Internet application technology, issued by well-known companies in the industry) two sub-majors, students can add a sub-major on the basis of the bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature;

4. Pre-master’s basic courses: Students can study the basic courses of master’s degree in the fourth year and get the priority admission opportunity of master’s programs;

5. Summer camps and exchange studies: Students can apply to participate in summer camp activities of the main campus, or apply to exchange study at the main campus to experience Chinese culture and experience the life of studying abroad.



Zhang Xueji, Vice President of Shenzhen University:

Tokyo Institute is the first institution of Shenzhen University to run a school abroad, and we hope to provide Japanese youth with localized, high-quality Chinese and professional education, and become a link between China and Japan in humanities education and youth exchanges. Students are welcome to apply to Tokyo Academy, we believe that you will not only learn professional knowledge, but also have cross-cultural communication skills and the ability to innovate, like many outstanding students of Shenzhen University, to lead and change the world.

Chinese President Dong Guomin:

As the first overseas institution of Shenzhen University, the School of Tokyo of Shenzhen University is committed to guiding local students to understand and learn more deeply about Chinese culture and history in a new way. All of this is both a challenge and an opportunity for us. I hope that students in Japan can experience more personal learning about Chinese culture through the good platform of Shenzhen University Tokyo College. We will do our best to support every student. Let us witness a bright future and write a new chapter together.

Japanese Vice President Zhenya Left and Right:

Today, our students in Japan can earn a bachelor’s degree from Shenzhen University by studying at Shenzhen University Tokyo, which is a great honor. The Chinese market is promising, and more and more companies need people who are proficient in languages and understand multinational cultures. Being proficient in a language allows us to open up a broader career. Our education places great emphasis on the cultivation of practical knowledge, and through studying at Tokyo School, students can study not only Chinese Chinese language culture, but also two subspecialties: business administration or information and communication science. Coming to Shenzhen University Tokyo to study, let us open a new chapter together and move towards a better future. I will fully support every student.


School of Tokyo, Shenzhen University

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