Skin! Scientists put “Three Dozen White Bone Essences” on the cover of the top journal

Facing the white bone spirit disguised as a beauty, Sun Wukong raised his stick and was about to fight, but was blocked in front of the bewitched Zhu Bajie and Tang Monk, so that the Great Sage could not help the fairy. This classic Journey to the West story was actually made into the cover of the top journal, which is eye-catching.

What’s more interesting is that the two authors who changed the paper are actually in the painting – the white dragon horse tied to the stone not far away corresponds to the surnames of the two corresponding authors – Shi Hubing and Ma Xuelei.


“Three Dozen White Bone Essence” paper cover Source: Cancer Cell

Shi Hubing and Ma Xuelei are professors at the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy at West China Hospital of Sichuan University and associate professors at West China Hospital of Sichuan University, respectively. They recently joined forces Cancer Cell Published a cover research paper elucidating a novel mechanism by which circulating tumor cells (CTCs) shed from primary tumors evade host immune surveillance. But such obscure research content was told by Shi Hubing’s team in such humorous language and pictures.

It turns out that white bone essence refers to CTCs, and Sun Wukong is a natural killer cell (NK cell) that can recognize and kill tumor cells; Tang Monk is an unknown “platelet”, and Zhu Bajie is a confused human leukocyte antigen-E (HLA-E).

The copy Shi Hubing wrote for the study is like this –

The White Bone Essence (CTC) comes out of the white bone hole (pancreas) as a beauty (transferred to the liver), is recognized by the Monkey King (NKs), and tries to kill it. At this time, Bai Bone Jing pretended to be pitiful, arousing the compassion of the Tang monk (platelet) to protect her, and Zhu Bajie (HLA-E) was also misled by the Tang monk, hindering Sun Wukong’s removal of demons and demons…

Shi Hubing told reporters that occasionally “skinning” is a way for him to decompress everyone in the research group. “After all, scientific research is very hard, and life outside of scientific research should be easier.”

This study found a new immune checkpoint molecule HLA-E:CD94-NKG2A between CTCs and NK cells, which can inhibit tumor metastasis. At the same time, a new mechanism by which CTCs upregulate the immune checkpoint HLA-E through platelet-derived RGS18 was revealed, which provided new targets and ideas for the treatment of tumor metastasis.

In addition, the study found that platelets can be endocytosed by CTCs, helping them evade immune surveillance, which provides a new idea for the study of platelet-mediated tumor metastasis. However, the authors also said in the paper that the study still needs to be further explored whether CTCs are also monitored by other immune cells and whether there are other immune checkpoints.

Liu Xiaowei, assistant researcher of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Jinen Song and Xinyu Liu, doctoral students of the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of Sichuan University, and Zhang Hao, associate professor of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, are co-first authors of the paper. (Source: China Science News Zhao Guangli)

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